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Poker exploded in popularity when they came up with the tournament format. Before the 1971 World Series of Poker, cash games were the norm. Then the introduction of the “freeze-out” tournament changed the face of poker forever, helping turn it into a global phenomenon attracting millions of players. But there’s more to casino tournaments than just poker. Nearly every game can be converted into a tournament format; we’ll tell you about all the different online casino tournaments you can play right here at Bodog.


What Are Casino Tournaments?

When you play online casino and poker tournaments for real money at Bodog, you’re playing a short session of your chosen game, either 10 or 15 minutes long depending on the game in question. You will be awarded a certain number of points, depending on your performance. Then your results will be compared to other players who have entered the tournament; these results are tracked using a leaderboard, and the players with the most points win bonus prizes, on top of whatever they already won during their sessions.


Why Are Online Casino Tournaments So Popular?

Playing casino games at Bodog is already a lot of fun, but it’s even better when you add the competitive element of a poker tournament such as Sit n Go. Battle your fellow players and see who comes out on top. It’s a great way to test your skills and see if you’ve truly mastered your chosen games – or simply to practice and get better at them.


The Benefits of Playing Online Casino Tournaments

In addition to the added social element of competing against other players, online casino tournaments offer bonus prizes that you can’t win anywhere else. For example, just by playing a single 10-minute Blackjack tournament with a $1 minimum bet, you can bag an extra $15 in bonus money by scoring the most points. That money can make the difference between a winning and losing a game. Even better, it’s absolutely free to join a casino leaderboard and compete.


What Games Can I Play?

Slots games, Blackjack games and Baccarat are all available in tournament format at Bodog Casino. You can see the full list of available games by visiting the Leaderboards section. At press time, the list of jackpot Slots includes A Night With Cleo, 777 Deluxe, Gold Rush Gus, and Fast & Sexy. The Blackjack games in play include the “New” Blackjack, as well as Single Deck Blackjack and Double Deck Blackjack.


How Do I Win Online Casino Slots Tournaments?

Every time you play online slots tournaments, you get a point for every spin, then you get more points for every win: 25 points for a Mega (50x) or Epic (20x) win, 10 points for a Big (10x) win, and five points for a Regular (less than 10x) win. You also get a point for meeting the requirements for your leaderboard (number of spins, stake). Score more points than your opponents, and you win the tournament. You can keep track of your progress by visiting Today’s Results and looking at the rankings for each leaderboard after the tournament ends.


How Do I Win Online Blackjack Tournaments?

The points work a little differently when you play online Blackjack tournaments. For these games, you earn 10 points every time you make a Blackjack – a natural 21 with an Ace and any 10-value card. You also earn five points for every other hand you win, and two points for a push. If you split a pair and win both your new hands, that’s five points twice for a total of 10 points. As with Slots tournaments, you get a single point for fulfilling the minimum leaderboard requirements. Again, whoever scores the most points within the time limit wins the tournament.


Can I Play Online Casino Tournaments On My Mobile?

You can now play online casino tournaments with big payouts at Bodog using your mobile device. The games work the same way they would on your desktop; if you receive a call during the tournament, you will remain on the leaderboard and can return to your game whenever you’re ready.

Think you have what it takes to win one of our online casino tournaments at Bodog? Choose the leaderboard for the game you want, tap/click on Join, and start playing. Don’t worry if you’re a little late; you have up to two minutes to “Late Join” after the tournament begins. Rack up those points, collect your bonus cash, and we’ll see you on the leaderboard.

Best Online Casino Tournaments | Bodog

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