Popular slot themes at Bodog

At Bodog we offer Canadian players a diverse array of online slots themes. Whether you're a fan of classic gameplay or you enjoy immersive adventures, we have something for everyone. Explore popular themes such as Buffalo slots for a taste of the wild west, Classic slots for a nostalgic gaming experience, Vikings slots to conquer the high seas, animal slots for wildlife enthusiasts, fruit slots for a colourful twist, Aztec slots for ancient mysteries, and Egypt slots to uncover hidden treasures. Dive into a world of slot excitement with Bodog's captivating themes.


Buffalo slots

Buffalo-themed slots at Bodog are a popular and exciting category of slot games that draw inspiration from the majestic and iconic American bison, often referred to as the buffalo. These slots typically feature symbols and imagery associated with the American wilderness, creating an immersive gaming experience. Players can expect to encounter symbols like buffalo, eagles, wolves, and other wildlife commonly found in North America. The games often include bonus features and free spins, making them not only visually appealing but also potentially rewarding.

One of the most popular games is Golden Buffalo, a 6-reel slot game with 4,096 ways to win. It is part of Bodog's Hot Drop Jackpots collection, which offers players the chance to win big jackpots.

The game features a Native American theme, with symbols such as buffalo, eagles, and wolves.

Golden Buffalo has a free spins feature that is triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels. During the free spins feature, players can win additional free spins by landing more scatter symbols.

Classic slots

Classic slots at Bodog are a nostalgic throwback to the traditional slot machines that have been a staple of casino gaming for many years. These slots are characterized by their simplicity, featuring the classic symbols like cherries, bars, sevens, and other traditional icons. Unlike modern video slots, classic slots usually have fewer reels and paylines, often with three reels and a single payline.

Here are some key features of classic slots:

•Timeless Charm: Classic slots evoke the charm of old-school slot machines found in land-based casinos, giving players a sense of nostalgia.

•Simplicity: These slots are easy to understand and play, making them a great choice for beginners and those who prefer straightforward gameplay.

•Retro Design: Classic slots often have a retro design, with familiar symbols and vintage aesthetics.

•No Frills: You won't typically find complex bonus features or elaborate themes in classic slots. Instead, they focus on the core slot experience.

•Winning Potential: While classic slots may have smaller jackpots compared to some modern video slots, they can still offer significant wins.

Classic Slot available at Bodog

Viking slot

Viking-themed slots at Bodog take players on a thrilling journey back to the age of the Norse warriors and seafarers. These slots are inspired by Viking mythology, history, and the epic sagas of the Viking age. Players can expect to encounter symbols like longships, Viking warriors, Norse gods, and Viking artifacts on the reels. The online slot games often feature rich graphics and immersive soundtracks to create an authentic Viking experience.

Key features of Viking slots at Bodog:

•Epic Adventures: Viking slots transport players to the world of Vikings, where they can join epic quests and adventures.

•Mythical Elements: These slot games often incorporate Norse mythology, with appearances by gods like Odin, Thor, and Loki.

•High Energy: Viking slots are known for their high-energy gameplay, with exciting bonus features, free spins, and interactive elements.

•Viking Warriors: Expect to see Viking warriors on the reels, ready for battle and exploration.

•Atmospheric Design: Viking slots boast immersive designs and atmospheric soundtracks that capture the ambiance of the Viking era.

Some of the games you can find at Bodog are Vikings, Vikings Victory and Rock vs Paper: Vikings.

Viking Slot Theme

Animal slots

Whether you have a fascination for jungle creatures, marine life, or domestic pets, Bodog's animal-themed slots have something for every animal lover. Expect to find symbols such as lions, tigers, elephants, dolphins, cats, dogs, and many other creatures on the reels.

Key features of animal-themed slots at Bodog:

•Diverse Wildlife: These slots showcase a diverse range of animals from all over the world, allowing players to explore different ecosystems and environments.

•Stunning Graphics: The slot games often feature stunning visuals and animations that bring the animal symbols to life, creating an immersive and visually appealing experience.

•Unique Features: Animal-themed slots may include special features and bonuses related to the animals, such as free spins, wild symbols, and interactive mini-games.

Some of the most popular animal-themed online slots are Cat Kingdom, Gold Panther, Golden Buffalo, Lion Dance Festival, Savanna King XL, Savage Buffalo, 15 Dragon Pearls, Black Wolf, Tiger Gems and Wolf Saga, among many others.

Fruit slots

Fruit-themed slots at Bodog are a fun and colourful category of slot games that draw inspiration from classic fruit machines, which have been a staple in the world of slot gaming for many years. These slots are characterized by their vibrant and juicy fruit symbols, including cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, watermelons, and more. Fruit-themed slots often feature straightforward gameplay and offer a refreshing and nostalgic experience.

You can find many fruit-themed slots at Bodog. Some of the most popular are Hot Hot Fruit, Wild and Fruity, Fruits Mania, Miss Cherry Fruits: Jackpot Party and Fruity Candy.

Egypt slots online

Egypt-themed slots transport Canadian players to the mystical world of ancient Egypt, where they can explore the wonders of this historical civilization and seek treasures buried in the sands of time. These slots online are inspired by Egyptian mythology, pharaohs, and iconic symbols such as pyramids, hieroglyphs, and the Sphinx. Expect to embark on a journey filled with adventure and the potential for remarkable discoveries.

One of the most popular games is A Night with Cleo as part of its casino games collection. The game has an Egyptian theme and features Cleopatra as the main character. It has a "Mature Content" warning due to its adult-themed content and has a unique bonus feature called the "Double Up" round. This slot game is part of Bodog’s Hot Drop jackpot collection.


Aztec slots

Aztec-themed slots are inspired by the rich and intriguing culture of the ancient Aztec civilization. These online slots take players on a virtual journey to the heart of Mesoamerica, where they can explore the mysteries, legends, and treasures of the Aztecs. The games typically feature symbols and imagery associated with Aztec culture, such as temples, masks, idols, and ancient artifacts.

Aztec-themed slots may include bonus rounds, free spins, and special features related to the theme, enhancing gameplay excitement.

If you are interested in the Aztec culture, you will find many slots at Bodog, but some of the most popular are Treasures of Aztec, Aztec Magic Bonanza, Aztec Magic Megaways and Aztec Fire Hold and Win.

Aztec Themed Online Slot at Bodog

Slots themes by season

Christmas-themed slots at Bodog are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy some festive fun throughout the season. These casino slots capture the magic and joy of Christmas, featuring symbols like Santa Claus, reindeer, ornaments, and presents. Players can expect cheerful music, festive graphics, and bonus features that reflect the holiday season.

Christmas popular slots games at Bodog are Treasure Snipes: Christmas Bonus Day, Christmas Gift Rush, and Santa Ways Hot Drop Jackpot. Santa's Ways Hot Drop Jackpots is a 5 reel slot game with 243 paylines.

•The game has a Christmas theme, with symbols such as Santa Claus, reindeer, and Christmas trees

•The minimum bet for the game is $0.5, and the RTP is 96%

•The game is part of Bodog's Hot Drop Jackpots collection, which offers players the chance to win big jackpots

•The Hot Drop Jackpots feature is randomly triggered during gameplay

•The Epic Jackpot can be won by anyone at any time, and it keeps growing until someone spins their way to an epic win

Christmas Themed Online Slot

Halloween-themed online slots at Bodog offer a spooky and thrilling gaming experience that's perfect for celebrating the Halloween season. These slots are inspired by all things Halloween, including ghosts, witches, vampires, pumpkins, and other iconic symbols associated with the holiday. The games typically feature eerie graphics, haunting soundtracks, and bonus features that match the theme. One of the most famous slot games is Halloween Bonanza.

Summer-themed slots at Bodog bring the sunny and carefree vibes of the summer season to your gaming experience. These slots are designed to capture the essence of summer with symbols like sun, sand, beaches, cocktails, and more. They often feature bright and vibrant graphics, cheerful music, and bonus features that reflect the joys of summer. One of the games is Beach Bums.

Play your favourite online slot with the crypto bonus

Opting for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for your deposits at Bodog Casino comes with some exciting benefits, including a generous 150% Crypto Casino Bonus. This bonus can add up to $900 to your play funds, providing you with additional opportunities to explore and enjoy the extensive selection of games and features available at Bodog Casino


What slot theme is more popular at Bodog?

The most popular slot themes at Bodog are Buffalo slots games and classic slots.

Is there any theme with higher RTP?

All RTPs are similar and they do not depend on the theme.

Is there any slot theme with higher payouts?

Bodog does not publish the payout rates of its slot games. There are some online slot titles with high RTPs that may be available at Bodog.