Mobile Casino Games

When Bodog Casino first appeared in 1994, IBM released the world’s first smartphone: the IBM Simon. Now we have more power in our smartphones than we have in our desktop computers.

With that increase in power, the shift is on from gaming desktops and laptops to gaming phones. Here at Bodog, we’ve been doing our very best to stay ahead of the curve – our reputation as the best mobile casino in the business depends on it. That means having the best mobile slots and table games, with the latest features for you to enjoy on your powerhouse phone. This all adds up to making Bodog the best online casino in Canada and beyond.

Benefits of a Mobile Casino

Of course, we still have all the classic online casino games you know and love on the menu at Bodog Casino, and you can still play them on your desktop or laptop. But if you haven’t made the switch yet to your smartphone (or tablet, or those “phablets” in between), here are five reasons why mobile casino sites are the future of online gaming.


You can get things done a lot more quickly on a smartphone than you could just a few short years ago. The amount of computing power on these bad boys is impressive. These phones also connect to the internet more quickly than your non-mobile options. The new 5G broadband cellular networks started rolling out in 2019, with coverage now available in Canada and across Latin America. You get faster download times with 5G, and less lag time, too.  

Ease of Use

If you know how to use a phone, you basically know how to play the games at Bodog Casino. Mobile devices are designed to be incredibly easy to use; the desktop and laptop formats can be user-friendly to some degree, too, but they’re based on old technologies that weren’t developed with gaming in mind. The touch screen in particular is a big step up from using a keyboard and/or mouse.


You probably already know about our generous bonus packages here at Bodog Casino, but claiming these bonuses is just as easy when you use your mobile. Our $600 Casino Welcome Bonus, for example, requires you to play a certain amount within 180 days of your first deposit to collect your 100% match bonus (and your 50 free spins). This playthrough requirement can definitely be done on your desktop or laptop, but having the power to play a few games here and there on your smartphone will help you reach your targets without interfering with your regular schedule.

Welcome Bonus Offer for Mobile Casino Players


Unless you’re moving very large amounts of cash, your smartphone or tablet should provide ample security whenever you play at mobile casinos for real money. 

By the way, this is another very good reason to make the switch to 5G if you haven’t already. Not only do you get faster connection speeds with 5G, you also get more security, thanks to updates in encryption and anti-tracking technology. Your 4G and even older phones should still work safely when you play mobile blackjack or any of the other great casino games at Bodog, but those older devices will have the heightened risk of those older networks.

Casino on the Move

This is where mobile devices really shine. For many reasons, it is so much more convenient to go online using your phone than a desktop, or even a laptop. You can even access the world’s top mobile casinos from across the global Bodog brand, no matter which of our jurisdictions you and your phone may be traveling through.

Bodog's mobile casino uses latest technology

Crypto Mobile Casino Betting

Now that we’ve laid out all of the main benefits of playing at Bodog Casino using your mobile, let’s talk for a moment about using cryptocurrency to move money in and out of your Bodog account. This is also much easier to do on your smartphone; you can download a digital wallet directly to your device, and use the QR code scanning technology to make those transactions even smoother.

Like smartphones themselves, cryptocurrency can be more secure than the old way of doing things – as long as you follow the recommended guidelines. We have a full archive of helpful articles and video tutorials that will take you through all of the steps needed to create a safe and secure crypto betting experience.

You don’t even have to worry about the price of Bitcoin (or any of the digital coins we accept) going up or down while you play. All crypto deposits at Bodog are immediately converted into Canadian dollars, then back again when you make your withdrawals. Our FAQ and Help guides have all the details if you want to learn more. In the meantime, enjoy our casino games, and we’ll see you at the tables.