People have been gambling in one way or another since the dawn of time and much like the human race, betting has evolved from its earliest form to the popular online activity that you see today.

But with so many options on the menu, what is everyone's favorite pick? Here's a list of the three most popular options in an online casino that customers spend the most time enjoying


You can find an online poker game anywhere on the internet and it is to the point that people are learning the game online, and then progressing to events like the World Series of Poker.

Poker is so popular online because of the variety of games you can play whereas you will only find a certain amount in land-based casinos and it is largely focused on Texas Hold 'Em. Even for Hold 'Em, playing online is much better as tournaments are always populated whereas land-based casinos sometimes have poker rooms filled and poker rooms empty depending on the time of day.

In online casinos, you can play all sorts of variations of the game and it is usually easier to learn as there are detailed FAQs that can answer basically any question you have. You can also ask fellow players if your game has a chat function.


Slots machines are also a popular pick among casino players who just like the rush of trying to get that huge jackpot. It's the American Dream!

There are probably more variations of slots games than there are of any other type of game you will find and therefore there is always something for everyone. It is also so simple to learn that anyone can play it. It's really one of the casino games with the lowest learning curves. All you do is click a button, stick to a betting strategy and hope that you get a pattern that will pay out. Simply sit down, load and play.


Table games

Table games can be one all-encompassing category and you could even put poker in there as well, although the game has grown so popular that it is its own entity now. Blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette can all go here, and online players prefer these games because they are relatively quick and involve a varying amount of strategy. It is far easier to learn them online as you will not be distracted by intoxicated and/or loud people and there are plenty of resources to help you on the internet.

Those are basically the most popular games you will find at an online casino, or any casino, really. Focus on picking one set of games and learning that before you try and become a master of all. Video poker and table games would likely be the best to spend more time on as you can play the game to lower the house's odds, but slots offer its own type of excitement if you are not into either poker or table games. It is all about variety at online casinos, and you can always find something among these popular games.