Most Popular Online Casino Games

People have been gambling in one way or another since the dawn of time and much like the human race, betting has evolved from its earliest form to the popular online casino activity that you see today. As gambling transitioned from brick-and-mortar casinos to the digital online realm, the capacity for games exploded. But with so many options to play on the menu, it can be challenging to narrow down the most popular casino games online.
If you’re looking to play the best casino games for real money, Bodog Casino is the place to be when online. We have hundreds of games in our online casino, and they each have their own unique following, features and themes. That being said, some games appeal to the masses more than others. Whether it’s because of the generous payouts or the easy gameplay, our most popular casino games continue to get the most action day in and day out. Here's a list of the eight best games for those looking to play our most popular casino games online.


For a fishy rendition of the movie Goodfellas, try spinning the reels of GoodFishes. This 5-reel, 30-line slot game has a huge following because of the variation in the bonus features and due to the unique storyline. The game takes you to the Bay surrounding Manhattan, where gangs of fish rule the water through intimidation.  

On the reels, you’ll find several gilled mobsters by the names of Jimmy, Tommy, Harry, and Stacks swimming among cash-filled clams. The clams are stacked wilds, so they can substitute for any icon in order to create matching lines. Having them stacked one on top of the other means you’ll often get several wilds landing on the reels at once.  

An octopus holding a Frankie’s Bonus sign is also on the reels, offering players a chance to visit the butcher shop where three fish can be found hanging from hooks. Choose one of the three fish for one of six potential bonus games.


A Night With Cleo

Slots don’t get much more scintillating than A Night With Cleo. This 5-reel, 20-line slot game takes you to ancient Egypt where Cleopatra awaits your arrival in her chamber for a night you’ll never forget—especially if you win the game’s random progressive jackpot.  

A Night With Cleo features a Double or Nothing gamble feature that lets you try to double any payout earned on the reels at the risk of losing it altogether. To double your real money, you’ll need Cleopatra to hold out two lotus flowers—one in each hand. One of the flowers has gold coins, while the other has nothing; guess which one has the gold coins, and your payout will be doubled, prompting Cleo to begin her striptease. As long as you keep guessing correctly, you can play up to five rounds of Double or Nothing.


The New Blackjack

Ever since we began offering a new mobile-friendly version of Blackjack, table game players have pledged their allegiance to it. This version has a superior user experience compared to the Classic version, as buttons appear and disappear as needed, giving the screen a more streamlined look that works exceedingly well with smartphones.  

With options to customize the features, the background colour, and the playing deck style, and toggles to disable button labels, you can create a personalized experience that complements your style. The music and sound effects are designed to enhance the Blackjack experience, but if you find it distracting, you can disable them in the settings as well. 

Just like with the Classic, The New Blackjack lets you play up to three hands per round, and you get the option to surrender any hands you don’t like. Double down any two cards, and get a solid 3:2 payout when you land a natural. See our online Blackjack guide for the optimal way to play, and you’ll walk away with more money in your pockets. 

Perfect Pairs

As you’d see in our online table games guide, online Blackjack will always be the most popular table game, but playing only one kind of Blackjack can cause gaming fatigue. Keep things fresh by trying some of our other Blackjack games in the Casino online; we have nine to choose from, including Perfect Pairs.

Perfect Pairs is online Blackjack with a twist. The game has a side bet called Perfect Pairs that awards bonus payouts for landing any kind of pair in your initial two-card hand. The more exact the pair, the higher the payout.  

Perfect Pair Side Bet Payouts:
Mixed Pair: 6-1 (example: 6s,6d)
Coloured Pair: 12-1 (example: 6s,6c)
Perfect Pair: 25-1 (example: 6s,6s) 
With Perfect Pairs, you can play one or two hands per round, and you have the option to surrender hands. Doubling is allowed for any two cards, and split Aces receive just one more card before being forced to stand off against the Dealer.


Ten Times Wins

Online slots have become hugely popular in recent years and are showing no signs of slowing down. For a classic experience, spin the reels of Ten Times Wins (10X Wins). This game feels like an old school slot machine like the ones you’d find on the Vegas Strip. Two dimensional Cherries, No. 7’s, BARs, and a game logo that’s wild (and multiplies payouts by 10) spin through the three reels, paying out when three matching icons line up on any of the game’s three paylines.  

The top payout is 5,000 coins on a 3-coin bet for landing three 10X icons. Land three red No. 7s on a 3-coin bet, and you get paid 120 coins. You control how many coins you bet per round and choose the lines you want enabled for a customized slots experience.


Roll the Dice

If online table games are more your thing, play our newest dice game: Roll the Dice, also known as Fish-Prawn-Crab. This game is incredibly interactive and loaded with 3D elements and theme. The goal is simple: bet on icons, then try to roll them with the dice. The seven betting options include a crab, fish, gourd, rooster, prawn, gold coin, and the triple. As you bet on the seven lucky icons, they move in unexpected ways. The game consists of a three-dice roll; simply bet on icons and roll the dice. If your bets show up, you win. 

Roll the Dice Payouts
Each symbol pays equal amounts, with the exception of the Any Triple icon.

Bets appearing on one dice pay 1-1
Bets appearing on two dice pay 2-1
Bets appearing on all three dice pay 3-1
Any Triple pays 30-1 when the same icon shows up on all three dice.


Zombie FC

Fans of macabre slot themes will get a kick out of Zombie FC, which is one of the newest games added to our online casino. Set in a soccer stadium in a post-apocalyptic world, Zombie FC features the undead, but instead of searching for brains, they’re looking for real money payouts. This game offers expanding wilds, stacked wilds, free spins, multipliers and tumbling reels, and it’s all packaged in a zombie football club theme. The soundtrack is eerie, the graphics are gruesome, and the payouts are out of control.

For those who haven’t yet experienced the tumbling reels (also known as “cascading reels”), they’re a great feature to look for in a game. Every time you land a winning line on the reels, the winning icons disappear; this causes the icons above to fall into their place and creates new opportunities to land additional wins.  


Gold Rush Gus

Gold Rush Gus has completely rewritten the manual for making online slot games. This is quite possibly the most interactive online slot game out there, making it the most sought-after game for seasoned players looking for a fresh new gaming experience. Because of its complexity, it’s not ideal for those just learning how to play online casino games.  
The game starts with a scrappy prospector by the name of Gus, who’s eager to invite you to join him for a speculative dig in a gold-filled mine. Every time you spin the reels, Gus swings his pick axe and slams it into the earth, where glittering game icons are revealed.  
The majority of the bonus features are connected with the game’s Treasure Chest, which is unlocked by landing two Key symbols on Reels No. 1 and 3. When you get the treasure chest, a mole enters the scene and awards you with one of four prizes:  
Progressive Jackpot
Mini Jackpot
Skill-Based Bonus Game
Instant Win 
In addition to the Treasure Chest bonuses, Gold Rush Gus awards free spins with multipliers, and the free spins session is equipped with increased odds of landing wilds. With all of these bonus features, winning is simply part of the game with Gold Rush Gus.  
What new games do you want to try learning? With over 200 games available at Bodog  Online Casino, you could master a new game every week. The best online casino games to play are often the most popular; start with these eight and then move on from there.