Top Five Most Popular Online Casino Games 

Online casino games are designed for entertainment. Slots look to captivate people with their graphics, amuse with their storylines and tantalize with their jackpots, while table games have their own appeal with the more strategy-oriented crowd. The most popular games generate big fanbases quickly and continue to get lots of action long after their release date. When a game generates widespread appeal like this, there’s a greater likelihood that you’ll enjoy it right off the hop. 

Don’t waste time trying to figure out the best game to play in our casino. We’ve put together a list of the five most popular online casino games at Bodog Casino, so you can hit the ground running next time you hunker down for an online gaming session that pays.

5. Baccarat 

Baccarat has been a top-pick for North American gamblers since the 1950s and has reached an even wider range of players when it became available online in the last 20 years. The version played at most venues on this side of the pond is punto banco—a simplified version that has the dealer facilitate a round between two sides: the Banker and the Player. Both sides are dealt two cards each and depending on the score, a third card can be dealt, too. The side with a higher score (which maxes out at nine points) wins; if you bet that side at the start of the round, you get paid.

Under the “Table Games” tab in our casino, you’ll find three versions of baccarat plus there’s also a Live Dealer game. We have the first version we’ve ever offered called Classic Baccarat, and we also have a newer mobile-optimized version with a blue background. The third option seeks to replicate the experience at a land-based casino in its graphics, much like our original game, but it’s better suited for mobile play. Game settings provide options for the dealer’s voice, music, sound effects and even cloth colours for the table. 

4. Roulette 

There’s nothing quite like a big wooden roulette wheel spinning in the centre of a casino. The sound of the ball bouncing from pocket to pocket, as the wheel clicks, creates a sensory experience that continues to attract players hundreds of years after its debut on American soil (New Orleans specifically) in 1800. 

When the game was introduced in North America, Europeans were still using the zero and double-zero wheels (now associated with American Roulette), and when European casinos began trying to out-compete each other in the mid-19th century by offering just a single zero, the double-zero game was already entrenched in America.

Not much has changed in the game since then; the same 36 numbers (plus zeros) are available for betting, and now it’s more common to see both American and European Roulette offered in a casino, as you do at Bodog Casino—both in our regular virtual casino and our Live Dealer one, too.   

3. Craps

Based on the English dice game Hazard, craps overwent simplification when it went overseas to new Orleans in the early 19th century. It’s still more complex than your typical casino game, but once people get the hang of it, they tend not to want to play anything else. 

One of the reasons is the house edge; craps is one of the only games in the casino to offer bets with no house edge attached. To access them, you must first place bets on the Pass or Don’t Pass Line. Then a dice roll will dictate whether or not the round ends there, or if you progress to the Point round; the Point is a number that you will either aim to roll, or avoid rolling, depending your bets. Our mobile-optimized craps game is very popular and available in the Table Games section of our online casino.

2. Blackjack

No other table game is as popular as blackjack. The combination of strategy and simplicity make this game a hit with nearly everyone who tries it. All you need to do is beat the dealer to win; to do so, you must build a hand with a higher score—up to a maximum of 21 points. Anyone who exceeds 21 points, busts and loses their bet—the dealer included. In order to build your blackjack hand, which starts with two cards, there are multiple tools at your disposal. You can request an additional card (hit), double your bet and receive just one more card (double down), divide a pair into two separate hands (split), or keep things as they are (stand). The dealer, meanwhile, will aim to build a hand with at least 17 points.

Due to its immense popularity, blackjack comes in many forms in our casino. Play it with six, two or one-deck shoes, with slight variations in the rules to each version. We also have European Blackjack, which has you play out your turn before the dealer receives their second card, and popular spin-offs including Perfect Pairs and Zappit Blackjack. For more blackjack options, check out our Live Dealer section.

1. Slots

Blackjack was the most popular casino game until slots caught on. These fun and easy games let you sit back and spin a reel to test your luck—and the variations are endless. There are simple 3-reel ones that cater to the slot purists, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, there are video slots with storylines and characters that come to life as you play the game. 

Progressive jackpots are another reason slots are so popular with people. These pots of money increase with every bet and grow to mammoth proportions until a lucky player spins the reels at just the right moment to claim all of the prize money. Then the cycle repeats with the pot beginning to grow again.

No matter which one of these casino games appeals to you, they’re all available to play for real money payouts at Bodog Casino. Sign up for an account and play now.