Taking your casino gaming from computer to mobile is simpler than you may think. Thanks to our new web-based mobile app, you don’t need to download anything, nor do you need to have the newest smartphone on the market to play. Just follow the same steps you take when playing from a desktop or laptop computer, and our site will automatically detect that you’re using a smartphone and scale down to accommodate the smaller screen. It’s the new and easiest way to get into mobile gaming.

To get you ready for switching over, we’ve put together this Mobile Casino Guide, which explains the various benefits that come with going mobile along with answers to the most frequent questions posed by prospective mobile casino players. Get out your smartphone, and follow along as we lead you down the path to mobile freedom. 


Benefits of Playing Mobile Casino Games

Playing online casino games on your computer has its perks: you get a big game screen and easy navigation. But there’s no denying that booting up your computer to play means you need to carve out a time slot in order to do so. The beauty of using your mobile to play casino games online is that you can get in a couple of quick rounds of a game without needing to make any sort of time commitment. Waiting for a friend to meet you at the bar? Get in a few rounds of mobile Blackjack, and if you beat the dealer enough times, drinks are on you. 

There are also certain games that are designed to be played in short bursts, like our specialty scratch cards. If all you’re looking for is a quick scratch-and-win, the convenience to getting a card on your smartphone far outweighs accessing our website from your computer. 


How do I Play on Mobile?

All of our mobile casino games can be played straight from your smartphone’s (or tablet’s) web browsers. With no mobile app, you can play quickly from any phone without having to download anything; simply punch in Bodog.eu and log into your account. Tap on our Casino product from the main page, and a list of our games will appear on the display. The only thing to note is that launching the game on your smartphone will require tilting the phone into landscape mode so that the game screen can fill your phone’s display.

Once you’re in a game, accessing things, like the game menu, takes a little getting used to, as you’ll need to find the “hamburger” icon, or swipe side to side on your touch screen. Once you get the hang of it, though, finding everything you need in mobile-mode will become second nature. 


Which Online Casino Games can I Play?

You don’t have to worry about missing out on your top casino games when switching to mobile because all of our games are available on mobile like slots. That being said, as you pick and choose games to play, you’ll notice that some games are more mobile-optimized than others. Our older “Classic” table games (Classic Blackjack games, Classic Craps, Classic Roulette, etc.), for example, were designed for use on computers, so although they are available on mobile, they aren’t the top candidates for playing table games on a small screen. That’s why we launched a new suite of table games that were created with mobile users in mind. The quickest way to find these mobile-optimized table games is to scroll through the Table Games section and look for any game with a blue background. The following nine table games are included: Single Deck Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, The New Blackjack, Craps, American Roulette, European Roulette, Baccarat, Let ‘Em Ride and Tri Card Poker. We’ve also launched other new games since the release of those nine games that are also mobile-optimized, such as Roll the Dice, Andar Bahar, Spin the Wheel and Teen Patti.  

As for the world of online slots, all of the ones that are available on the computer are also available on mobile; however, some that are available on mobile is not available on the computer.  These are our mobile-exclusive slots and they’re another reason why people are migrating to our mobile casino. Only with your smartphone or tablet can you play games like Hillbillies, Jackpot Piñatas, Honey to the Bee and more. All three of these games include random progressive jackpots that can be triggered at the end of any given spin. 


Mobile Casino FAQ

By now, you’re probably interested in mobile, but maybe have some lingering questions, like what happens if you receive a phone call right when you land a big jackpot? It’s a valid concern—no one wants to lose out on a payout due to a technicality. Answers to this and many more questions can be found in our casino FAQ below:


What happens if I receive a call right after winning a payout?

As soon as you get a payout, our system registers it with your account—even if your play gets interrupted by a phone call. When you return to your account, the payout will be added to your bankroll. 


What happens if I get a text while playing?

Your game will continue playing while your phone receives a text message. 


Do I need the newest operating system for my iPhone to play in the mobile casino?

You don’t need the most up-to-date operating system to play in our mobile casino. As long as your phone can handle video on the browser, you can play our casino games. 


What kind of smartphone do I need to use Bodog’s mobile casino?

Our mobile casino functions with both iOS and Android phones and tablets. 


How much data do mobile casino games use?

Unless you’re playing Live Dealer games, our casino games use a low level of data. Connect to WiFi and it won’t eat into your data plan at all. 


Are the Leaderboard competitions available on mobile?

Yes, our Leaderboard casino competitions are available on mobile.


Are Live Dealer casino games available on mobile?

Yes, Live Dealer casino games are available on mobile, but they work best with a secure WiFi connection. 


How to Deposit/Withdraw for Mobile 

You’ll see the same Deposit and Withdraw methods that you’ve been using on the computer version available on mobile when logged in to your account. To see your options, tap on the silhouette icon at the top-right of the screen, and you’ll be brought to your profile which has two buttons: Deposit and Withdraw. Tap the one you want, and your deposit and withdraw options will appear. While the options can change depending on your location, you’re generally looking at bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, bank transfer, and credit card for deposits, and cheque by courier or bitcoin for withdraws. 

If you plan on using bitcoin to fund your roll, consider downloading your e-wallet onto your phone, so that you have everything in the same place. To load bitcoin into your account, choose bitcoin as a deposit method, and copy down the cryptocurrency address provided. This is the address that you use to send the funds from your digital wallet. Once you send the funds over, it takes just a couple of minutes for them to appear in your Bodog account, where it is converted to CAD. For more information on bitcoin, check out our Bitcoin FAQ page—available on both desktop and mobile.