Entertainment is the top priority of the majority of casino players. Casino games come with a house edge – that’s the cost of the entertainment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize online casino winnings and make sure you’re getting the most value from your playing time. Here are some tips for how to win at an online casino as often as possible:


Play Online Casino Skill-Based Games

As a general rule, the more skill that’s involved in a casino game, the lower the house edge will be – which will keep those casino online payouts flowing more regularly. Table games like blackjack and baccarat will give you house edges 2% if you play them right. Video Poker typically gives you house edges of less than 1% when you play optimally (here's how to pick the right video poker game for you). Non-skill games like Keno are still worthwhile if you’re having fun, but consider betting less on those games if you want to stretch your entertainment dollar.


Bet Bigger on Slots and Video Poker

Slots may not involve any skill (except for the new wave of interactive Bonus games available at Bodog), but you’ll get a higher return to player when you spend as much time playing Bonus games as possible – since they don’t require you to bet any more money. To achieve this, make sure to bet every payline, so you’ll trigger those Bonuses more often. And when you play Video Poker, bet the maximum five coins to get those enlarged jackpots for the Royal Flush.


Exercise Sound Bankroll Management

Betting the max number of coins and paylines can get pretty expensive if you don’t manage your bankroll properly. You can correct this by making sure the games you play aren’t too big for your roll. For example, if you’ve been betting one 50-cent coin at Video Poker, bet five 10-cent coins instead; you’ll qualify for that pumped-up Royal jackpot, but you’ll still be within your usual betting parameters. Stick with the program, keep track of your winnings, and most of all, have fun.