The advent of online casinos has brought one of our favorite pastimes right to the comfort of our own homes. No longer do you need to drive for hours to a smoky casino and play through the night; everything can be done right from your own arm chair.

But one thing that sometimes gets forgotten is responsibility. There's no one to watch you at home so you've got to keep an eye on yourself. Online casinos are a great source of entertainment but this article is all about taking a brief pause and remembering to be responsible as you play.


1- Tip #1: Set a Time Limit

You should always set a couple limits on yourself when you fire up a session at your online casino: a time limit and a betting limit. Once you get to a certain amount of time, just take a break and do something else. Sure, we like to massage that time limit when things are going good and we're collecting chips but in the long run, it's best to respect it. If you're going to be sitting in a chair for hours, take a 15-minute break, get some fresh air, stretch and then come back. If you want to keep playing, go for it but at least at that point, you'll be making a clear-headed decision.


2- Time Limit: Set a budget

While time limits are important, so are financial ones. Online gaming can be exciting but keep in mind that it's really a form of entertainment.

If you're going to take your wife or girlfriend to Hollywood and she wants to visit Rodeo Drive, you would set a budget on how much shopping money can be spent. If you're going to go to a sporting event with your buddies, you'll probably set a limit on ticket price, parking and drinks. If you're going to go on vacation, you're going to have a budget in mind.

The same factors have to be in play for the casino. It's a form of entertainment so don't treat it like it's something else. Set a limit and stay within it.


3- Time Limit: Remember What's Important

Everyone loves diving into a good poker tournament and winning some pots, but don't forget what's important in life – literally.

Poker is one of the best North American pastimes but remember the other important things in your life such as appointments, your job and your family. If you follow the above two rules by setting time and budget limits, then you'll be fine. If you start to overdo it, other aspects of your life will suffer.

Online gaming is really no different than watching TV: if you're going to watch 10 hours of TV per day and neglect everything else, other aspects of your life will suffer. Just remember to have some balance and set some limits, and you'll have the best time possible with online gaming.