Most travellers can be divided in two: those who embrace the adventure of finding their own way, and those who prefer the ease of joining a well-organized tour group. Fortunately, the same options exist for casino vacationers, with the latter being offered by many casino tour operators in Canada.


Companies like Great Canadian specialize in holiday tours via coaches. They’re pretty popular because people pay an up-front fee for a tour of their choice, and then just hop on the coach with the comfort of knowing that accommodations, meals and entertainment are taken care of. As for the types of tours you can pick, the company offers trips dedicated to shopping, sports, sightseeing, casino gaming and, for the more adventurous out there, even mystery tours.


Casino trips are popular because many people don’t like driving far distances to get to gambling complexes, so the ability to hop on a bus offers a solution. If you’re wondering what these trips include, the Casino Lac Leamy three-day excursion offered by Great Canadian includes two nights’ accommodation at the Hilton, breakfast, vouchers for slot machines and meals and a guided tour of the neighbouring city, Ottawa. You’re looking at about $500 to $650 bucks for the outing, plus whatever you want to wager at the casino. It’s a big price tag, but people who enjoy these trips are willing to pay extra for the social aspect.


While the idea of being on a coach full of strangers won’t appeal to everyone, it does attract a boisterous clientele that’s looking to have fun. After all, you’ll be surrounded by 50 or so like-minded people all looking to kill a few hours of road boredom. Travelling is a great way to get to know new people – just make sure to sit beside someone you actually want to know, otherwise it’s going to be a long ride.