Caesars Entertainment proposes plans to build a $750 million casino in New York, while off the coast of the Indian Ocean, James Packer’s Crown Sri Lanka is denied its casino license. 


Caesars Sets its Sights on the Empire State
Caesars Entertainment has been eyeing the Northeast for quite some time and although the company’s Massachusetts bid went bust, it’s looking to set up shop in the state of New York, proposing to build a $750 million casino complex.Authorized by a constitutional amendment pioneered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and approved by voters last November, there are now four New York State gaming licenses up for grabs. After forking over the $1 million application prior to the deadline set by casino regulators, Caesars has made it clear that it’s in it to win it.  The casino complex Caesars plans on building would include a hotel and a convention center and would reside just 50 miles north of the Big Apple, in Woodbury, Orange County. Strategically located beside a New York City commuter rail and the renowned Woodbury Commons shopping outlet, the company is confident that this would be an ideal spot for New York State residents and tourists looking to hit up their favorite casino games. Though 15 companies are said to have submitted their bids for the licenses, Caesars is the only Nevada-based operator in the running.


Sri Lankan Protests Effective in Nixing Packer’s Casino Plans
It’s looking like Billionaire businessman James Packer will not be given the green light to include a casino in his proposed 450 room Crown Sri Lanka resort, and it’s all due to the power of the people.Led by members of the UNP opposition party, hundreds of Sri Lankans, including influential community and Buddhist groups, took to the streets of Colombo last week, demanding that the government crack down on its laws forbidding new casino licenses from being issued.  The Sri Lankan government has repeatedly stated that it would not allow any new casinos to be built in the country. However, having previously attempted to pass legislation legalizing additional Sri Lankan casinos twice before, its past actions have caused reason for doubt amongst opposition party members. With plans for three major resorts to be built in Colombo in the coming years, all of which were rumoured to include casinos, Sri Lankans chose to make their voices heard and were successful in stalling for the time being. As far as what this means for Packer and his plans to take over the Asian casino market, he’s certainly not losing any sleep over this setback. He’s got some major projects on his plate, including City of Dreams Manila in the Philippines (his joint venture with Lawrence Ho) and Studio City in Macau, which are set to open sometime in the coming year.