Best Ways to Win and Get Paid at Bodog Casino

Whether you’re playing table games, slots, or video poker, different types of casino games facilitate different ways to win. You could be looking at big flashy wins that come less frequently, or consistent wins that are less substantial in size; it all depends on the online casino games you’re playing. We’ll showcase five games that represent the spectrum, so that you can decide the best way to win at Bodog Casino.

As most online casino players know, winning is just half the experience. Once you build up your bankroll, you need to request a withdrawal, which used to take several business days to process. Times have changed; with the addition of Bitcoin, withdrawals have sped up substantially. The longest you’ll wait for Bitcoin is just 15 minutes. The old withdrawal methods are all still available, but you may want to consider hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon for an improved experience at the pay window. We’ll explain how to get started with Bitcoin at the end of the article.



You don’t need to wait very long for wins when you play Baccarat. This simple card game has three betting options for you to choose from: you can bet on the Player, Banker, or a tie. The game starts with two cards being dealt to the Player and Banker, and a third card may be dealt depending on the score of the initial hand. Because this is a spectating game, the dealer runs the show by following the rules set out on a standard Baccarat board. All you need to do is decide who to bet on—and collect a payout if you chose right.

Deciding where to put your money is the only place for strategy in Baccarat. The Player and Banker bets deserve the focus of your attention, as they have a lower house edge than the tie. Ultimately, the Banker wins marginally more than the Player (45.84% vs. 44.61%), but deducts a 5% commission on the even-money payouts.


They say the more complicated the casino game, the lower the house edge, and nowhere is this truer than with Craps. This isn’t the type of game you can just sit down and pick up by watching the action; you’ll need to get a proper run-down of the rules before joining in. But that patience certainly pays off on the board, which includes one of the incredibly rare zero-house edge bets: the Odds. The trick is, you need to place Pass or Don’t Pass bets first in order to get access to the Odds. The house edge for both the Pass and Don’t Pass bets is lower than what you can expect to pay with Pai Gow Poker and Roulette. For an introduction on how to play Craps, check out our Online Table Games Guide.


A Night With Cleo Slot Machine

For a taste of just how fast and big payouts can come, you’ll need to check out our online slots guide, which highlights the Ancient Egypt-inspired progressive slot, A Night With Cleo. Many people consider this to be one of the best casino games because it includes both a gamble feature and a random progressive jackpot.

In the world of slots, the gamble feature is highly sought after because it provides players with a fast-track to big winnings. After triggering any payout on the reels, you can activate the Double-or-Nothing mini game that lets you attempt to double your payout up to a maximum of five times in a row. The game sets you up with Cleopatra, who presents you with two closed fists; one of them conceals a valuable lotus flower. Choose the hand with the flower, and your payout is doubled. Choose wrong, and you lose it and must return to the base game.


777 Deluxe

With only 10 paylines, 777 Deluxe is a low-cost slot option that includes a progressive jackpot as a potential reward in the game’s bonus round. Question Mark icons appear on the reels at random in order to create suspense. They turn into any game icon, which can result in a win, or can have no impact whatsoever. However, their best feature becomes evident when three or more appear on the reels, as you’ll be taken to a new screen that’s all about lucky No. 7s. In the bonus round, the game’s progressive jackpot hovers at the top of the screen over a simple reel with just three icons. At the bottom, you’ll see the following paytable:

Mixed Sevens: 1X
Pink Sevens: 2X
Purple Sevens: 5X
Green Sevens: 10X
Blue Sevens: 25X
Silver Sevens: 50X
Red Sevens: 250X
Gold Sevens: JACKPOT

After hitting “PLAY,” the reels will spin 10 times automatically, paying out for each result. It’s a fast way to collect massive winnings.


Progressive Table Games

Angry fowl abound in Fire Rooster. This 243-ways-win slot has two types of roosters spinning through its reels: the King Rooster and Fire Rooster. Both are wild icons that substitute for all other icons (other than scatters) in order to facilitate more wins. While the King Rooster is available during the base game, the Fire Rooster is only available when playing the game’s free spins mode, which is triggered by landing at least three Gold Crown scatters anywhere on the reels. This volatile fellow can explode at random, creating additional Fire Roosters left to right, and up and down the reel. The more roosters you have, the more opportunities for wins. Free spin sessions come in groups of 8, 18 and 28.


Show Me the Mummy

When browsing through our Table Games section, keep an eye out for the game cards that include a red JACKPOT banner. These games include the best of both worlds: progressive jackpots and strategic gameplay. You’ll find this killer combination in Let ‘Em Ride (both old and new editions) Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Hold’Em.

In table games, progressive jackpots serve as a bonus payout for landing a top-tier hand. The entire jackpot is awarded to players who land the best of the best—the Royal Flush, while the Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House and Flush each get a piece of the pie commiserate with their value, as seen below:

Straight Flush: 10%
Four of a Kind: $500
Full House: $100
GFlush: $75

TheseOne dollar must be put on the Progressive Jackpot side bet at the start of the round in order to be eligible for it. In the case of Caribbean Hold’Em only, the progressive jackpot is based on the result of your two-card hand plus the flop.


Bitcoin Withdrawals

While cheque by courier is still an option for withdrawals in our casino, the fastest way to get paid is through Bitcoin (and Bitcoin Cash). Once the withdrawal is authorized (which takes 24 to 48 hours), withdrawing through bitcoin takes just 15 minutes to go from your Bodog account to your digital wallet. That speed is the main reason why cryptocurrency offers the best casino withdrawals.

Getting started with Bitcoin will require downloading a digital wallet onto your phone and setting up an account with an exchange server. Free digital wallets are available in any smartphone’s app store and require an email address and password in order to set up. Once you have the digital wallet up and running, the next step is setting up an account with an exchange server, which makes it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at any time. is a one-stop shop for both an exchange platform and digital wallet provider, and it has great reviews.

For more detailed instructions on how to switch over to Bitcoin, visit our Bitcoin Help page and video library. Our customer service team is also available at any time to answer all of your Bitcoin-related questions.