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Play Online Slots for Real Money

If you’re looking to win real money payouts playing online slots, Bodog online casino Canada is the best place to be. With over 200 popular slots to choose from, we have slot themes to suit everyone’s style. Within those themes, you can choose between a variety of formats, including 3D slots, slots with 1 to 100 paylines, slots with no paylines, slots with three or five reels, and more. We’ll break down how our real money online slots work, and make sure you know what to look for among our many popular slots games features when it comes time to pick one to play.


Online Slots Games at Bodog

Hit up the Slots section of our casino, and you’ll see a list of all our online slot games. To make navigation easier, the games can be filtered in nine ways, including New, Rival, Progressives, Real Series, Three Reels, Five Reels, Video, 3D and i-Slots. If you’re unfamiliar with these categories, don’t sweat—we’ll brief you on them below.

New Slots: Browse through our brand-new slots in the “New” section of the Slot casino.

Rival Slots: One of the most popular slot brands, Rival Gaming offers innovative and engaging 5-reel slot games with stellar animations.

Progressives Slots: A progressive jackpot is a massive pot of cash generated by a portion of every bet wagered on the game; it can be triggered randomly or by landing the top-winning combination in the game.

Real Series Slots: Another popular slot brand, Real Series features old school 2D slot games with five reels. Progressive jackpots are included in all Real Series slots.

Three Reels Slots: For beginner slot players: the vertical columns that slot icons spin around are the “reels.” slots with just three reels are simpler and easier to follow than slots with five reels.

Five Reels Slots: Five-reel slots can be jam-packed with bonus features and often have 25 or 50 paylines, which means you’ll trigger wins more frequently than with 3-reel slots.

Video Slots: A video slot typically has an immersive storyline that is introduced through a video clip.

3D Slots: The best graphics in the industry can be seen in 3D slots, which have visually striking images that seem to pop from the screen.

i-Slots: For a slot experience inspired by video games, browse through our i-Slots selection. These can include multiple levels that can be progressed through and skill-testing bonus rounds.


Real Money Online Slots Games

All of our slot games are available to play for real money payouts, so you get to pocket whatever you win. When selecting online slots for real money, simply opt for Real Play mode instead of Practice Play when selecting a game, and you’ll be launched into the paying version. You’ll need to make sure you have cash deposited in your account in order to play for real money.


Why Play Slots Online?

Transitioning from physical slot machines to online slots opens up a realm of possibilities. Without the overhead costs of running a land-based casino, online casinos can offer more rewarding player benefits and promotions, and slots players benefit the most from these bonuses. Capacity issues don’t arise with online casinos either, so the variety in game selection is far greater on the web than what can be held in a brick-and-mortar casino. In our casino, for instance, there are over 200 slot games to choose from, and we’re always adding more.

Another unique aspect of online slots are the Leaderboard competitions. These events attract groups of people who enjoy playing the same games and create some healthy competition to see who can win the most money within an allotted timeframe. The top three finishers win prizes on top of getting to keep whatever was won at the reels. Find out if your favourite game is included in Leaderboard competitions by checking the schedule here.


What to Consider When Choosing a Slots Game

Choosing the best slots games comes down to knowing what kind of experience you’re after. What’s your motivation for playing? Some people play online slots to relax after a stressful day. Others play for stimulation, or payouts. These are the three most common reasons people play slots online, so we’ve rounded up some suitable game selections to consider if you find yourself playing for the same reasons.

Relaxation: Looking to unwind after a busy day? Keep things simple with three reels and a basic fruit machine theme. Five Times Wins is a popular pick among players looking to zone out with a slot session.

Stimulation: On the opposite side of the spectrum, many players are looking for an action-packed slot game to stimulate the senses. Stick to the 5-reel games if this is your motivation for playing. Spy Game, for instance, is loaded with high-pressure missions that will have you assembling rifles, disarming missiles, and escaping a bunker after being detected by guards.

Payouts: Who doesn’t want to reel in a big one playing online slots? If you play online slots for real money, payouts may be your primary motivation; if that’s the case, check out the slots in the Progressives section. Progressive jackpots are far bigger than even the top payouts found on paytables. If you spin the reels at just the right time, a jackpot could fall in your lap.


What Features do Bodog Slots Offer?

With online slots, there are two ways to trigger cash payouts:

1. Land matching icons on paylines.

2. Cash in on bonus features.

Not only do the bonus features provide opportunities to win more cash, they also break up standard gameplay, which is useful when you’re playing a long session. You’ll find the following five features included in many of our online slots:

Wilds: A wild symbol transforms into other game icons in order to create a winning line. For example, if you land two Jacks and a wild on a line, the wild becomes a Jack to create a three-icon win.

Scatters: Most of our 5-reel slots include scatters, which trigger free spins, bonus rounds, or cash prizes when three or more land anywhere on the reels.

Free Spins: A round of free spins is just as it sounds: a series of back to back spins that cost nothing to play. Keep all the payouts collected from the free spins.

Bonus Rounds: Bonus rounds take you to another screen, where you’re presented with a goal to accomplish. The reward is cash, so make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Multipliers: Double, triple, or quadruple standard payouts with the help of a multiplier. Whatever number the multiplier displays is the number of times your payout will be multiplied. For example, a 5X multiplier takes a 125-coin payout and turns it into a 625-coin payout.


Popular Online Slots Games

Some slots get more action than others, and it’s interesting to learn the reasons why. Find out which slots the majority of Bodog casino players are spinning with the list of our top three slots below. All are optimized for small screens, making them some of the best slots games for mobile.

Gold Rush Gus: People can’t get enough of Gold Rush Gus—one of the newest slots added to our roster—and it’s no wonder why. The look and feel of this game is different from any of our other games. Initiate the game, and a scrappy prospector, Gus, meets you in a mine. When you hit “Spin,” he cracks his pick axe into the ore to uncover the game icons on the reels. Bonus features include wilds, mini jackpots, a progressive jackpot, bonus games, instant cash wins and free spins.

Hockey Enforcers: Battle opposing teams on the ice with Hockey Enforcers. This 243-Ways-Win slot abandons traditional paylines; instead, simply land matching icons on consecutive reels, starting with the first one, and you’ll win the payout listed on the paytable. To help boost wins, there are wilds, a “Wild Event” where entire reels turn wild, and scatters that trigger up to 25 free spins with a progressive multiplier that maxes out at 10X.

A Night With Cleo: A sensual encounter with Egypt’s most alluring pharaoh drives slots players to pick A Night With Cleo over all other slot games. To impress this temptress, you’ll have to play the game’s Double Up feature after winning a payout on the reels. The Double Up has you pick between two lotus flowers presented by Cleo for a chance to double (or lose) your payout. Pick the flower filled with cash, and she’ll celebrate your win with a striptease.

Slots are overtaking other casino games by storm. They’re easy to play, pay big sums of cash, and have enough themes to keep you entertained day in and day out. Give them a try risk-free by using Practice Play mode, and if you like the experience, switch over to Real Play for cash payouts. Best of luck, and may the random jackpots swing your way.

Online Casino Slots Games for Real Money | Bodog

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