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Slots have come a long way since the fruit machines of the early 1900s. Back then, they were mechanically-operated and mostly paid fruit-flavoured chewing gum. In the ‘60s, the first electro-mechanical slot was released, making it possible to win up to 500 coins without an attendant. The following decade, slots went digital.


When online casinos opened for business in the ‘90s, slots were given new life. The computer technology made it possible for slots to offer bonus features, engaging storylines, and never-before-seen formats. Online slots exploded in this online market and continue to evolve in response to market demand.


The primary function of slots is to offer an easygoing gambling session with the potential to win big payouts. For that reason, most people aren’t too concerned about how slots games work; they just want a few slots tips to help them on their way. But if you’re on this page, you’re not like most people; you realize that getting an edge comes from understanding how online slots work, so you can pick the best online slots out there. For that reason, we’ve compiled this slots guide, which can be used at Bodog Casino.


Understanding Online Slots


Information on how to win slots can be found on the game’s paytable. This lists all the payouts and explains the bonus features. Most 3-reel slots display the paytable on the main screen, making it easy to see while playing. Most 5-reel slots, however, have space limitations, and store the paytable in the game menu.


Each game icon has a unique payout that’s listed on the paytable. For most games, you need a minimum of three matching icons to get paid, and the more matches you get, the bigger the payout. Explanations of how the game’s bonus features work and an illustration of the game’s paylines are also on the paytable.


Paylines are what the matching icons must land on in order to be considered a win. The most basic payline is simply a straight horizontal line, but they become more complex than that—especially with slots that offer an above-average number of paylines. Some slots, meanwhile, have no paylines at all, meaning you need to simply land matching icons on consecutive reels to get paid.


What's House Edge?


When a casino offers a bet, there’s almost always a house edge built-in. This small advantage ensures the casino makes profit over the long run. When it comes to slots games, the house edge depends on several factors, including the number of winning combinations and game icons, the impact of the bonus features and the amount offered in a jackpot. These factors vary from one slot to another, so there’s no universal house edge for all slot games.


Some newer slots include the information needed to calculate the house edge on the paytable under the acronym RTP. Short for Return to Player, the RTP is a percentage of roughly how much you can expect to win back from your wagers over the long run. It could be 95.5%, 97%, or any other amount. To figure out house edge, deduct the RTP from 100. For example, if the RTP is 95.5%, the house edge is 4.5%. Finding a slot with low house edge is a good slots strategy.


Choose the Right Online Slots for You


Slot players are diverse, which is why we aim to offer the widest variety of online slots in the Canadian market. In our casino, you’ll find 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, i-Slots, slots with 3D graphics, progressive jackpots, and brand-specific slots, like Rival and Real Series. Learning about these different types of slots will help you figure out which are the best slots for bonus features, payback, entertainment, and more.


Three Reels

A great starting point for beginners, 3-reel slots have just three moving reels for the game icons to rotate around. These games often have between one and three paylines, making it easy to follow the action and identify wins.


Five Reels

When you’re ready to level up from 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots are ready and waiting. These games are more complex, as they can accommodate far more than three paylines. More paylines means more opportunity to land the matching icons needed for payouts.



Some slots include progressive jackpots, which are massive pots of money that keep growing until a player triggers it. They’re not fixed payouts because the funds in a progressive jackpot are collected from every wager bet on the game, meaning the more action a game sees, the bigger the progressive jackpot will be. For many casino players, finding games with immense progressive jackpots is part of a cohesive slots strategy.



i-Slots are the closest you can get to video games in an online casino. These slots come with skill-based bonus rounds that offer payouts that reflect how far you progressed in the round. Many of them also include several levels that you can progress through, with each new level unlocking new icons.


3D Slots

Cinematic graphics are on display in the slots found in our 3D section. Each game is prefaced with a video clip that captures the storyline in 3D glory.


Branded Slots: Rival and Real Series

Some people find a slot brand that they like and remain loyal for life—especially when they win large sums of money. Our two most popular brands are Rival and Real Series. Real Series is an old school brand that offers 5-reel slots with a vintage vibe; these all have progressive jackpots that get triggered randomly. As for Rival, they have a much wider selection than Real Series, offering i-Slots, 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots—all with Rival’s signature graphic style.


Bankroll Management


Slots move fast, so it’s important to manage your bankroll before diving into a slot session. The first step is determining how much money you want to dedicate to the session; think of it as entertainment money, so there’s no temptation to chase losses. Ultimately, your budget will dictate what kind of slot session you can have. We’ll go over some basics to make sure you know how to match a slot with your bankroll.


When betting on slots, you’re betting on paylines. That’s why slots with lots of paylines are more expensive than slots with fewer paylines. For example, Heroes’ Realm is a 1-payline slot that costs between a penny and $30 per round. Terracotta Wilds, meanwhile, is a 100-payline slot that costs between $1 and $100 per round.


That being said, players with limited bankrolls aren’t necessarily restricted to 1-line slots. Most slots with numerous playlines offer flexible betting configurations, such as the ability to choose the number of paylines enabled and the number of coins wagered per line. Just make sure to check eligibility requirements for jackpots on the paytable, as some require betting the maximum number of coins.


The immense popularity of slot games can’t be denied. Their simplicity opens them up to a much larger market than any other casino game. Combine that with the rush that comes from potentially landing huge payouts, and it’s clear why slots get the most action in casinos all over the world. If you’re not a convert already, scroll through the slots in our online casino; these can be tested free of charge and played for real money. Give them a spin risk-free and see if you want to commit to staking some money on a burgeoning jackpot.


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