Two of our newest casino games are going head to head in a battle of dice vs. reels. In one corner, we’ve got Roll the Dice – the newest addition to our Table Games section. In the other corner, we’ve got Reign of Gnomes, which is a real delight for people who like to play slots online. See which game stands tall after the dust has settled.

Roll the Dice

Fans of Sic Bo will undoubtedly stand behind. This Chinese dice game plays like Sic Bo, but uses animated animals and good luck items instead of numbers. Each round consists of betting on any combination of a Gourd, Coin, Crab, Fish, Rooster, Shrimp, and Any Triple.

The software developers did a great job making this game feel interactive and engaging, despite being a simple dice rolling game. As you bet on icons, they come to life, acting out one of three actions with each bet. The dice roll is also a masterpiece of online gaming; you can either tap the 3-dimensional bowl, or shake it around before releasing. The bowl will be lifted to reveal the outcome of the three dice.

Roll the Dice Payouts:

One hit pays 1 to 1.
Two hits pay 2 to 1.
Three hits pay 3 to 1.

Any Triple pays 30-1 when any icon appears on all three dice.


Reign of Gnomes

In a magical world far, far away, a family of gnomes reigns over a kingdom. There’s a king and queen, a princess with her lovable pet dragon, two warriors and a drunk jester. If you like to play online slots, add this game to your must-spin list because has a bonus feature like no other.

It’s called the Dragon Spins Bonus. To trigger it, you need to land three Dragon Egg icons, and a charming little dragon will lead you to a cave of wonders. The Golden Wheel Bonus is tucked away in the cave, and this wheel boosts each free spin. Here are the six ways it boosts your spin:

  1.  Adds extra wilds to Reels No. 2-4.
  2. Triggers Spin to Win, which allows you to keep spinning until you win a payout. With each re-spin, the multiplier increases by one unit.
  3. Boosts payouts by a 3X multiplier.
  4. Boosts payouts by a 5X multiplier.
  5. Boosts payouts by a 6X multiplier.
  6. Triggers the Ice Diamonds Bonus Round, which takes you to another screen where you pick ice diamonds and pocket their value.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on both casino games, it’s time to decide which is better. Those who like to play online slots for real money should test them using Real Play mode. All others, use Practice Play to cast your vote for Reign of Gnomes or Roll the Dice.

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