When it comes to popularity at the casino, nothing beats slots. Gamers just can’t get enough of the whirling reels and jackpot sirens that give slots a full sensory experience. At Bodog Casino, we do online slots right. The variety and quality of the games we offer have helped build our reputation as the best online slots provider out there.

To acquaint you with our expansive slot roster and get you ready to deposit and play now, we’re going over the most popular themes, highlighting the games with the biggest jackpots and providing a rundown on important game features, along with game-specific suggestions that fit each category.


Most Slots Themes


Slot themes are so diverse, no matter who you are, or what your preference is, you’ll find something that speaks to you on our Slots page. Sports, movies, history, seasonal celebrations, travel, fantasy, adventure, cooking, deep-sea exploration—you name, we’ve got it. These are just a few of the endless themes you can explore in our casino.

If you like to use slots to transport yourself to a white-sand beach with aquamarine water, you have plenty of options, including Miami Beach, Bikini Paradise, Beach Party, Tahiti Time and many more. If you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to you.

Japanophiles also have tons of options to choose from, including Koi Garden, CyberPunk City, Dragon Princess, Japan-O-Rama and High School Manga—to name a few. The best thing about slots is the ability to imagine yourself on an adventure of your choosing, so browse through the options and see what kind of adventure beckons you.


Largest Slots Jackpots

One of the reasons people prefer to play online slots for real money instead of going to a brick-and-mortar casino is because virtual casinos make it possible to scan all of the available jackpots with a quick glimpse. No need to wander up and down the corridors, trying to remember which games have juicy jackpots; simply use the “Progressive Jackpots” filter to compile all of the games containing a progressive jackpot on a single page.

At press time, we have two slots with jackpots exceeding a million dollars. Our new 5-reel, 243-ways-pay slot, Mega Moolah Absolootely Mad, is hovering at the $4.87-million mark, while Food Fight! is close behind at $1.1 million. The latter is an example of a slot that uses the progressive jackpot as a reward for nailing the top line, which in this case is a full five Pudding icons on one of the game’s nine paylines. You’ll need to be betting the maximum 45 coins per spin in order to be eligible for it.

The Mega Moolah Absolootely Mad slot game has its progressive jackpot tucked into a game feature called the “Progressive Wheel”. Every time wilds land during the Rolling Reels feature, they work towards fulfilling a base requirement to trigger the game’s Progressive Wheel. Trigger it, and you’ll get to spin a wheel for one of four jackpot prizes: the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. The Mega is where you’ll find the progressive jackpot.


Most Slots Features


Progressive jackpots are just one example of a slot game feature sought out by shrewd casino players. Most games have some bonus features included to add an extra element of excitement beyond simply spinning the reels, and knowing how they work will certainly give you an edge when you pick out your next slot game.

You may be familiar with scatters already; these icons trigger something great when you land three or more anywhere on the reels. They may offer an instant cash prize, and/or trigger a free spin session. They can also trigger a bonus round. Always read the game’s paytable before playing to find out what the scatter gets you.

Most 5-reel slot games will include some sort of free spins session. The number of spins awarded typically depend on the number of scatters that land. The free spins session may be enhanced with a multiplier that multiplies payouts by a specified denomination. For example, a 4X multiplier would quadruple payouts.

Another standard feature is the wild icon. These substitute for standard game symbols when there’s an opportunity for it to complete a winning line. For example, two Aces and a wild on a payline will trigger the payout for three Aces. While that’s the basic function of a wild, you may come across enhanced wilds, like expanding wilds, which go up and down reels, stacked wilds, which occur in clusters, and migrating wilds, which move horizontally across reels.

The main attraction of some games lies in the bonus round. A true bonus round takes players to a second screen where they must complete a simple task in exchange for a bonus payout. Some bonus rounds use simple click-and-collect formats, like what you’d find in 5 Mariachis, while others are more elaborate and interactive, such as the bonus round included in Space Traders. While it’s certainly rare, there are a few games out there that fall into the skill-testing category, and feel akin to a mini video game. We’ll get back to these in the Unique Bonuses section of the article.

Something that used to be rare, but is becoming more common is the “Gamble” feature. Triggered by simply winning a payout, the Gamble feature gives you the option of trying to increase your payout—at the risk of losing it. While the challenge usually complements the game’s theme, the formula is always a 50-50 guessing game for double your payout, or a 1-in-4 guessing game for quadruple your payout. You’ll always have the option to take your winnings and exit, or you can go on and continue playing as long as you’re winning—up to a maximum number of times, as stipulated in the game rules.


Variety of Reels and Paylines


Reels and paylines determine the complexity of a slot game. For example, a 3-reel, 3-line slot will be much easier to follow than a 5-reel, 50-line slot. Increasing the number of paylines imbues more excitement into the rounds because there’s a higher chance of landing a win with each spin; however, that comes with a higher stake since most slots use a bet-per-line configuration. Beginners typically start with fewer reels and paylines and increase when they get comfortable navigating the buttons and following the action.

The simplest of all slots is the 3-reel, 1-line slot, like what you’d find in Strike Gold. This simply requires new slot players to observe the central line, hoping to land enough matches to trigger a payout. Bet either one or two coins per spin, and choose the value of the coins you want to play with. As you increase the number of reels and paylines, it will be harder to immediately recognize a win, as the paylines aren’t as obvious, but they’ll always be viewable on the paytable.

Game creators have also come up with no-payline slots, also known as 243-ways-pay slots. Instead of requiring matches to line up on a payline, they must simply land on consecutive reels, beginning with the first reel and progressing to the right. Hockey Enforcers is one of many games that uses this format, and it’s a big hit. For even more ways to win, look for two-way-pays slots, like Zombies vs. Cheerleaders. While this game does use paylines, they’re two directional, meaning they go left-to-right and right-to-left.


Unique Bonus Rounds


Casino players often come for the slot and stay for the bonus round. These second-screen challenges provide an exciting escape from the base game and offer big rewards when your intuition checks out. Zombies vs. Cheerleaders II is a good example of a slot game that has a unique bonus round. The Cheerleader Escape Feature has you try to get out of a zombie-infested school by picking exits and hoping that there’s no zombie behind the closed door. It’s as thrilling as it is rewarding.

As mentioned earlier, some games have skill-testing bonus rounds. Bowled Over, for one, lets players bowl frames of a bowling match for a payout. You’ll first select one of two bowlers; then for each bowl, you lock in your target, opting to go straight down the centre of the alley, or using various curve throws. With your target selected, the power gauge will begin to flash, and you have to try to nail down the amount of power you want to put behind your throw, which is tricky since the gauge is a moving target. You get two throws to try to knock down as many pins as possible, and the more pins you get, the more you get paid.

All of these game suggestions should give you a good starting point to begin your hunt for the perfect slot game. Try them on Practice Play to get familiar, and then switch to Real Play mode when you’re ready to take off the training wheels.