Microgaming has been the gold standard for online casino slots for quite some time now. These developers were behind the first online casino software in 1994 and also behind the transition to mobile casino gaming 10 years later. Many of their games have become staples in online casinos, including right here at Bodog. It’s possible that you’ve played some Microgaming slots before without even realizing it.

We’re going to explain how Microgaming slots became industry leaders and why this particular slot brand is considered the best by a lot of people. By the end, you’ll want to hop on the bandwagon and play Microgaming slots now.

Microgaming Slots are Known Throughout the Industry

New slot brands come and go without really leaving a mark on the industry. They simply replicate the standard spin-to-win formula without getting too creative with themes and gameplay. Microgaming, however, is one of the few brands that has over 20 years of history making online slot games, and that experience has led to many twists on the classic slot machine.

Because so many casino gamers look for Microgaming when they want to play slots online, we’ve focused our expansion efforts around this well-known brand. We add new Microgaming slots daily.   

Why Microgaming Slots are the Best

In order for a slot game to stand out in a sea of options, it needs to push beyond the norm for an extraordinary experience. When it comes to game features in slots, there’s a tendency for game developers to add a wild, scatter and free spin session and call it a day. However, this isn’t the case with Microgaming slots. Several game features are exclusive to Microgaming, which gives people a reason to want to play Microgaming slots over other brands. They invented these unique features and then trademarked them, so that no other brand can claim them. The Rolling Reels, Super-Stacked Growing Wilds, Hyperspins, and Striking Wilds are all examples of features that are found only in Microgaming slots, and they create a distinctly “Microgaming” feel at the reels.

Another draw to slot games is the allure of a jackpot. After all, slots offer more jackpot power than any other type of casino game, and Microgaming excels with jackpots. Their Mega Moolah game currently holds the record for the biggest online slot jackpot in history. They have a range of jackpot options from progressive to random and everything in between.

Microgaming Slots have Name Franchises

To incorporate some star power into your gaming session, browse through the franchise slots released by Microgaming. Game of Thrones, Hitman, Jurassic World, Tomb Raider, Bridesmaids and Playboy are examples of Microgaming slots based on popular franchises—and more are being added all the time. All of the features in these games are extensions of the storyline of the TV show or movie they’re based on, making it a new experience with every game.

Franchise slots are an easy way to get into casino gaming for new players who may not be familiar with the traditional slot icons, but are certainly familiar with the cast from their favourite TV show or movie. What could be more thrilling for a Jurassic World fan than seeing a terrifying Indominus Rex burst forth from the reels to boost your win by 1000X your total bet? That’s a real possibility when you sit down for a session of this popular Microgaming franchise slot.