Online casino players like to break it up every once in a while and play different games, but slots continues to be one of the more choices on the menu. One of the reasons is that there are all kinds of variations of the game and there's so many to try out.

Now that the game has mostly moved online, it makes it easy for you to enjoy right from the comfort of your own home. However, there are some differences between the classic version that you will find in land-based casinos and the online version that you will find in your online casino, so let's have a look at the details.


Classic slots

Classic slots are very basic and good for beginners just getting accustomed to slots. In this version of the game, you usually stand a better chance of winning as there is only one payline. You look for different symbols and if you get three of them, you are a winner with some symbols being valued more than others. Sometimes there are better odds of hitting a big jackpot in a classic slots game and classic slots makes it easier for you to win back what you put in, even on minimum wagers.


Online slots

Online slots are a little more complicated and are mostly for more experienced players. They are not complicated enough that you have to wrack your brain at all it's just there are more aspects to them.

Online slots will offer you a lot of bonus features in the way of free spins or the chance to hit a special combination to unlock something that you can use later on. There are usually multiple paylines on a online slots game and that gives you more chances to win, although the odds go down with more paylines (think of it as sort of a parlay, where the odds go down as you add more matchups to your betting ticket).

However, online slots are very entertaining compared to their old school brethren. Graphic artists make the aesthetics look really sharp and usually blow away the old school machines, which are very one-dimensional. Strictly from an entertainment perspective, anyone would rather spend their hours in an online session with new technology than the out of date stuff.

Companies that offer online slots are always looking to improve their software and make interactive for their players. They tend to be fairly intuitive and user friendly. Lastly, one of the better benefits of going online is you don't have to deal with loud, obnoxious people around you as you can simply play in your own piece and quiet.

Both have their pluses and minuses but online slots are the way to go these days as the technology is sharper, they are more entertaining and they are easier to access. Make sure you check out Bodog's wide assortment of slots today.