Online slots are one of the best ways to relax in a casino. After all, gambling and betting is really just a form of entertainment; some people seem to forget about that aspect. Nonetheless, while poker, blackjack and a slew of other table games require mind-bending strategy to play, slots keep it simple. Pull a level or push a button, and enjoy. Slots have collected a few myths over time as the people who don't play tend to build up some negative perceptions about them. Let's clear those up so that everyone can join into the jackpot-winning fun!


Slots are Random
Conspiracy theorists suggest that slot machines are fixed but if that were truly the case, people would have caught on by now. In reality, that's the farthest thing from the truth because slot machines are actually run on a random number generator and it does exactly what the name says: it generates numbers randomly, which means it also generates patterns randomly. Even the people that design the programs for an online slot machine do not know when a machine is going to hit on a winner, making it completely random and that will also debunk another myth, that a machine will not pay out for you when you win one time. The beauty of the random number generator is that you could hit one time, then again on the next spin, and then you may not get a winner for another 100 spins. It is all completely random and leaves the game up to chance, which is what some players like.


The Amounts You Bet
Another myth is that some players feel the game wants you to bet more and that is the only way you will win, which is also not the case. Online slot machines do not care what value you are betting before any given spin -  whether it's one, two or five – all they know is the random number generator, so players who are betting the maximum because they think they're earning a better shot to win are being misled. Obviously in those cases, a player can win more but it doesn't chance his percentages.Keep yourself out of trouble and just bet whatever amount you're comfortable with per spin.


Clearing Up the Myths
There are all sorts of strange myths you will hear about online slot machines and after you played a few times, you'll easily notice that many of them are straight rubbish. Many players try to overthink the game when in actuality, online slots is the game that makes you think the least. There are no strategies, simply bet, push and have a stress-free time. Manage your money accordingly and you'll fall in love with slots just like so many others have as well.