Biggest Online Slots Jackpots

If one slot had a jackpot that maxed out at $5,000 and another had a jackpot with no max, which would you pick? Most people would go for the jackpot with no limit, which is what led to the creation of progressive jackpots—pots of money that grow with every coin wagered from every player. The beauty of casino jackpots is that they’re far bigger than the standard payouts listed on the paytable of a slot. Sometimes they can even flip the edge in your favour by getting big enough to reach a break-even point.

At Bodog Casino, we believe that the best online slots to play are the ones with progressive jackpots. That’s why we’ve created this online slots guide dedicated to demystifying this coveted game feature. You’ll get a quick refresher on how to play slots online in our casino (something we could all use a refresher on) and then we’ll get down and dirty with our list of the top seven progressive jackpot slots that are collapsing under the weight of their own progressive jackpots right now.


How to Play Slots Online

The basic premise of a slot game is to spin the reels and hope that matching icons line up on one of the game’s paylines. As listed in the rules, the vast majority of slots require the first icon to land on the first reel (at the far left) and then progress to the right—reel by reel. If you get three or more matches, a standard payout is awarded.

How much you’re paid depends on how much you bet. As soon as you launch a slot (for most games) you choose the denomination for your coins. You could be using 25-cent coins or pennies—there are options for bankrolls of all sizes. With your coin values set, you choose the number of coins to bet per payline. The payouts listed on the paytable are for one-coin bets per payline by default; if you choose to bet more than one coin per line, the payout is multiplied by the number of coins you bet.

Before setting out to play any progressive jackpot game, it’s important to know the rules of the game. Regular progressive jackpots almost always require a max bet in order to be eligible for it, while a random progressive jackpot (such as what you’d find in A Night With Cleo) doesn’t usually come with a betting requirement (always check the rules first to be sure).

To bet max, all of our slots include a convenient MAX BET button; this refers to the maximum number of coins possible for each payline. The coin value, however, is up to you. In our list of the top seven progressive jackpot slots, we’ve included both random and regular progressive jackpots, so that you can get a taste of both options.


Top Progressive Jackpots to Play

The progressive jackpot slots listed below include their jackpot value at the time of publication and are constantly on the rise—until someone triggers one, causing it to reset and start over again.


A Night with Cleo

A Night With Cleo is our most popular progressive jackpot slot. No matter how much you decide to bet, you’re eligible to win the jackpot at the end of any given spin; it could be a winning spin or a losing one—it doesn’t matter to Cleo. This game includes a Double or Nothing Gamble feature that lets you try to double wins by playing a 50/50 game with Cleo; bear in mind that jackpot wins can’t be gambled this way.


Five Times Wins Progressive

There are two versions of Five Times Wins—a progressive jackpot one and a non-progressive jackpot one. We assume that we don’t need to tell you which game to go for. The jackpot included in this 3-reel slot is reserved for three-coin bets and pays out if you land three “5X” icons on one of the game’s three paylines. Right now it’s at $53K and climbing.


Food Fight

Casino players with a bigger bankroll can up the ante with Food Fight, a 5-reel, 9-line slot that requires 45 coins to be bet per spin (five per payline) in order to be eligible for the game’s progressive jackpot. Five Pudding icons trigger the jackpot, which is reaching the $100K mark now. Meanwhile, the Lemon Meringue Pie initiates an epic food fight that pays you up to 3,960 coins for throwing pies in people’s faces. Mind the flying meatballs.


Gold Rush Gus

The path to jackpot glory is unique in Gold Rush Gus—a brand-new 5-reel, 10-line slot that feels more like a video game than a traditional slot machine. The only way to get this game’s jackpot is to first land two Key symbols (the scatters) in a special combination—one must land on the first reel and the other on the third reel. This key combination will get a mole to pop up from underground, bearing a large Treasure Chest for you. The chest has four unique awards and hands one out randomly; cross your fingers that it’s the game’s highly coveted progressive jackpot.


Money Magic

Forget pulling rabbits out of hats—those kinds of tricks are for kids. In this 5-reel slot, the magician can pull something far more valuable out of his hat, a progressive jackpot that can make you rich, so pay attention to the magician’s cues. If five Flower icons land on one of the game’s nine paylines, you’re in luck—assuming you remembered to bet the max five coins per line at the start of the game.


Shopping Spree

Did you ever think that winning a progressive jackpot could set you up on an epic shopping spree in New York City with us as your personal assistant? You better believe it because it’s totally possible with Shopping Spree. If you land five Diamond Ring icons on any of this slot’s nine paylines, the progressive jackpot is yours—at which point you must choose to either take the money as is, or meet us in the NYC. What’s it going to be?


Super Diamond Mine

Dust off your prospecting gear because this retro 2D slot takes you to the mouth of a massive diamond mine that’s teeming with wealth. Its progressive jackpot is awarded as a prize for landing the top line possible—five Mine Shaft icons—on one of the game’s nine paylines. Make sure that you’re betting five coins per line in order to be eligible for it; the coin denominations don’t matter.

There are plenty more examples of progressive jackpot slots to choose from in our casino, including Big Money Bigfoot and Reel Blood, both of which have random progressive jackpots included. Adding a progressive jackpot to the paytable can turn any slot into a nail-biter if it gets big enough. Imagine hundreds of thousands of dollars hovering above you every time you hit the Spin button. The experience is ready and waiting in the Slots section of Bodog Casino—good luck with your jackpot hunt.