Turbo Tournaments

turbo poker tournaments

Bodog offers a wide variety of fast-paced poker tournaments every day, with blinds increasing every three to six minutes and a full spectrum of starting chips.

Pick up even more speed in our hyper and super turbo tournaments where the blinds increase even faster. Below is a list of some of our turbo tournament options. Download the poker software to see our full schedule.


Featured Daily Turbo Tournaments
Time (ET) Tournament Name Guaranteed Prize Pool Buy-in Starting Chips
2:30 PM $3,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS $3,000 $11 5,000
3:30 PM $1,000 Guaranteed Rebuy (Action Hour Turbo) $1,000 $2.20 2,000
5:30 PM $3,000 Guaranteed Turbo $3,000 $27.50 10,000
9:25 PM $3,000 Guaranteed (Turbo Rebuy) $3,000 $3.30 2,000
9:45 PM $2,000 Guaranteed (Super Knockout Turbo) $2,000 $22 1,500
10:00 PM $10,000 Guaranteed (Turbo SS)* $10,000 $109 5,000
11:00 PM $5,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS $5,000 $33 5,000
12:00 AM $5,000 Guaranteed (Turbo) $5,000 $11 10,000


*$7,500 Guaranteed on Thursdays and Fridays Only.


Hit the felt running with a turbo tournament that’s right for you. Visit our poker software for a full list of high speed poker options. To browse through a list of our other great tournaments go back to the tournaments main page.