Knockout Tournaments

Discover the ultimate thrill ride with Bodog’s Knockout Tournaments. Take out your competition one by one and win extra cash along the way. 




How do they work?  Each player participating in the tournament has a cash bounty on their head, including you. When you eliminate another player, you get their bounty as a cash prize. Be careful though because if you get knocked out, your bounty goes to the player who knocked you out.

You’ve got three options for Knockout Tournaments:

  1. Multi-table Knockout Tournaments: These are standard Multi-table Tournaments except with a cash bounty added to every player in the tournament.
  2. Sit & Go Knockout Tournaments: These are standard Sit & Go Tournaments except with a cash bounty added to every player in the tournament.
  3. Progressive Knockout Tournaments: This is the next level of Knockout Tournaments with higher stakes and bigger payoffs. Anytime you eliminate a player, you will win their displayed bounty amount value and your own progressive bounty will increase by the same amount. Learn more here.

Ready to get started? 



Check out the Poker Lobby for the full schedule of upcoming tournaments, and we’ll see you on the felt.


Terms and Conditions:

Tournament tickets cannot be used in any other tournament or exchanged for cash.

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