Bodog Poker - House Rules

1. Players must adhere to all rules outlined in our Terms of Service.

2. Penalties for infractions of the House Rules may include a warning, suspension or revocation of the player’s chat privileges or player privileges. Penalties will be levied at the discretion of the management.

3. No collusive activity of any kind is allowed. This includes soft playing, whipsawing, and chip dumping (the intentional transfer of funds from one account to another). Any play deemed as unethical or in violation of the Terms of Service may result in seizure of funds and/or revocation of player privileges.

4. Player Chat:

a) All chat must be in English.

b) The chat feature may not be used in a way that Bodog Poker Management deems as abusive, sexist or racist, or otherwise disrupting play.

c) Players and observers may not disclose the cards they are holding or have folded while the hand is in play.

d) Players and observers may not coach or advise players at the tables.

e) Players and observers may not claim to be a representative of Bodog Poker.

f) Observers may not use the chat in any way that disrupts play.
g) Advertising or “spamming” is not permitted.

5. Players who for any reason do not act within the time allotted will time out of the hand, the hand will be folded and they will be placed on auto-fold until they can return to the game.

6. Players who sit out in a cash game will be removed from the table after being idle for 10 minutes.

7. Players may not intentionally slow down the play at the tables, as determined by Bodog Poker Management.

8. Players who leave a cash game may not return to the table within 5 minutes with less chips than they originally took away from the table. (“Ratholing”)

9. In rebuy tournaments, players may only use eCash to rebuy or add on chips. The rebuy or add-on funds must be available in the player’s eCash account before registration in order to be accessed during the tournament.

10. Management reserves the right to start, stop, pause or resume any game at any time.

11. Tournaments that need to be cancelled for any reason will be resolved following our Tournament Cancellation Policy.

12. Disconnection Protection: Due to the nature of the Internet, players will sometimes lose their connection to our poker servers. When a player is completely disconnected from the game server, the following rules will apply.

a) If a player loses their connection during the play of the hand but is able to reconnect while it is still their turn to act, the player may then act on their hand. If a player loses their connection during the play of a hand and is unable to act, their hand will be checked if no other action is required by the player. Should there be a bet where action is required by the player, the hand will be folded.

b) If a player fails to act on their hand within the time given because they have been disconnected, that player’s Disconnection Protection will then enable, provided they have Disconnection Protections available.

c) Disconnection Protection will only enable if the player has been completely disconnected from the game server. If a player is still connected but is lagging and therefore unable to act, their hand will time out and be folded and the player will be placed on auto-fold until they can return to the game.

d) All players are given two Disconnection Protections per 24 hour period. Players who use both Disconnection Protections before the 24 hours have elapsed may request to have their Protections reset. Resetting will be done at the discretion of Bodog Poker Management.

e) Abuse of the Disconnection Protections will result in a penalty which may include a warning, revocation of Disconnection Protection privileges, or suspension or revocation of player privileges.

f) Full information on our Disconnection Protection policy.

13. Tournament Tickets:

a) Tournament tickets may be used to buy in to scheduled multi table tournaments and some qualifier single table tournaments. Tournament tickets cannot be used for regular single table tournaments, multi-table sit and go’s, or cash games. They cannot be used for rebuys or add-ons.

b) Tournament tickets can be used to buy in to eligible tournaments as a cash equivalent (Ticket: eCash=1:1). They do not have a dollar value other than for buy-in purposes.

c) Tournaments that pay out in tournaments tickets will display this in an information box found in the tournament lobby.

14. Management reserves the right to modify the House Rules at any time without notice. Such modifications will be posted on the website and will be effective immediately upon posting. It is the player’s responsibility to review the website and remain aware of the rules.

15. Decisions pertaining to the above rules will be made at the discretion of Bodog Poker Management. All decisions are final.

Read our Poker Tournament Rules.