Learn How Bodog Protects You! Although it's very uncommon, disconnections can occasionally happen, and although in most cases the cause is completely out of your control, you can rest assured that you'll still be in control of one thing - the hand that you're playing. Thanks to Bodog's disconnection protection software, if you've been disconnected from our game server you'll quickly be identified and we will ensure that you don't lose out on the hand that you're playing.

When a disconnection occurs, our software will pick up on the situation and automatically give you an additional 30 seconds to reconnect and make your move. Even if the table or tournament hasn't stayed open during this time period, your game will reappear and we will reconnect you back to exactly where you left off so you can continue your game. If you still haven't made a move within this additional 30 seconds, your hand will of course be folded.

Please be aware that the Bodog disconnection protection software will only operate if you are fully disconnected from the server, and will not activate if you're still connected but haven't made a move in time. If you're still connected and do not act, you'll time out of your hand, and it will be folded. You'll then be placed on Auto Fold in tournaments, or have to Sit Out in cash games until you can return to the table and keep playing.

Disconnection Protection for Scheduled Tournaments:

The above disconnection protection policy is only in place when players are in the money and will only be used once per player per tournament.