Playing Online Poker is safe

Bodog is serious about online security and safety. We use the same encryption method as most online banking systems, so all of your money and personal information is secure and protected at all times. Playing poker with Bodog secures your account history and ensures that none of your personal information will ever be exploited or used in any way without your consent. Here are some of the reasons Bodog is the safest place to play online poker:



Personal information that players transmit to Bodog is protected in the same way as if they were using their bank online. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.


Game Fairness

There are a number of ways Bodog ensures each game is fair:

- Rake

Bodog does not profit on your wins or losses. Revenue is generated by a rake, or percentage taken from the pot. Learn more about exact percentages on Bodog rake.

- Collusion

Collusion is when two or more players communicate information about their hands during the course of play. All players involved in collusion will be identified and have their accounts permanently closed.

- Anonymous Tables

Bodog has added an anonymous feature to its poker software. The purpose of this is to prevent experienced players from seeking out the same opponents repeatedly. This is no longer a possibility, as you can no longer see the names of your opponents.


Shuffle Certification

Bodog uses the latest random shuffling technology. A combination of algorithms and random number generators creates a truly unpredictable deal and distribution of cards. It is impossible for any player to gain knowledge or foresight of the cards to come, and therefore no one can profit from it. 


Is It Safe to Deposit?

All transactions, including your account password, are fully secured and encrypted so that no unauthorized use or access to your personal information will ever take place. Make a deposit now and play securely.