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Play Let ‘Em Ride for Real Money

Play Let 'Em Ride Poker for Real Money

Based on the table game Let It Ride that was created by John Breeding, the founder of Shuffle Master, Let ‘Em Ride poker is easily one of our most popular online casino games. Let It Ride was originally invented in order to sell Shuffle Master’s automatic shuffling machines to casinos that were originally reluctant to transition from manual shuffling. Once it was unveiled to the public, poker players flocked to play Let it Ride; it was a big hit when it made its way to casino floors in the mid-nineties because it combined the fast action of table games with the methodical play and strategy of poker.

Following its debut at brick and mortar casinos, online versions of Let It Ride poker began popping up in the early 2000’s – this offered people the opportunity to play Let ‘Em Ride online from the comfort of home. The version you’ll find in our online casino plays a little differently than the classic game, as you’ll learn in the next section of the article, but it still offers the same great payouts. In addition to explaining how to play Let ‘Em Ride online, this table games guide will discuss hand values, payouts, the progressive jackpot eligibility requirements, and conclude with an explanation of strategy to help you gain an edge while playing this classic poker game and help you to win lots of money.

How to Play Let 'Em Ride 

Inspired by poker, Let ‘Em Ride uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards and sets you up with a goal: land a pair of Tens or better in order to get paid. This goal replaces the need to have opponents because you get paid based on your hand strength alone. In order to maximize the return on your wager, you must try to raise your bet when you anticipate winning, and forego raising when you anticipate losing. We’ll go over the strategy behind this concept in greater detail below.

A round begins with an Ante bet, and if you want to take part in the progressive jackpot, you must also play a $1 jackpot bet. Three cards will be placed face-up in front of you, and two community cards will be placed on the table face-down. Based on your hand, you can choose to either raise, or simply continue without making additional bets. This is different from the original Let It Ride game, which gives you the options of either removing your bet from the table, or letting it ride by leaving the bet on the table. 

After you’ve chosen to raise or continue, one of the community cards will be revealed; now you have another chance to either raise or continue without raising. Next, the second and final card gets flipped over, concluding the round. If you end up with a pair of Tens or better, you get paid according to the paytable. The progressive jackpot will pay when you land a Flush or better.

Basic Rules to playing Let 'Em Ride 

The rules to Let ‘Em Ride can vary from casino to casino. The following five are based on the online version offered at Bodog. 

The Raise bets are always equal to the Ante bet, so if you bet $10 on the Ante, your Raise bets will also be $10. 

To be eligible for the progressive jackpot, you must bet $1 on the Progressive side bet at the start of the round. You get paid when you land a Flush or better.

A pair of Tens is the minimum hand needed to win the round. 

The betting minimum is $1 and maximum is $500 per round. 

The Ante bet pays 1:1.

Hand Values and Payouts for Let 'Em Ride

If you’ve played poker before, you’ll be familiar with the Let ‘Em Ride winning hands, which range from a Pair to the Royal Flush. We’ll go over each hand, starting with the lowest hand needed to win:

  • Pair (Tens or higher): Two cards of equal rank. Ex. two Jacks.
  • Two Pair: Two sets of two cards of equal rank. Ex. two Jacks and two Threes. 
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards of equal rank. Ex. three Nines.
  • Straight: Five cards of consecutive rank. Ex. Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.
  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit. Ex. 3d,Jd,7d,Ad,10d. 
  • Full House: Three of a Kind and a Pair.
  • Four of a Kind: Four cards of equal rank. Ex. four Queens.
  • Straight Flush: Five cards of consecutive rank—all the same suit. Ex. 2s,3s,4s,5s,6s.
  • Royal Flush: Straight Flush comprising a 10, all three face cards and the Ace —all the same suit. Ex. 10h,Jh,Qh,Kh,Ah.

Unlike classic poker, Let ‘Em Ride has three different payout structures: one for the Ante bet, one of the Raise bet, and one for the Progressive bet. The Ante bet always pays 1:1 no matter what the strength of your winning hand. The Raise bets, however, have nine payouts based on the hand.

Raise Payouts

Royal Flush: 1000:1

Straight Flush: 200:1

Four of a Kind: 50:1

Full House: 11:1

Flush: 8:1

Straight: 5:1

Three of a Kind: 3:1

Two Pair: 2:1

Pair (Tens or Better): 1:1

The progressive jackpot side bet pays when you land at least a Flush, and once again the amount it pays depends on the strength of your hand; it could pay the entire amount, a percentage of its value, or a set dollar amount, depending on your hand. Keep in mind, you must put $1 on the Progressive side bet in order to be eligible for its payouts.

Progressive Jackpot Payouts

  • Royal Flush: 100%
  • Straight Flush: 10%
  • Four of a Kind: $500
  • Full House: $100
  • Flush: $75

Playing the Progressive in Let 'Em Ride

The progressive jackpot in Let ‘Em Ride poker is funded by a portion of the $1 jackpot bets placed at the start of the round. In order to win some or all of the progressive jackpot, you must land a Flush or better. The payouts available for the progressive jackpot are paid in addition to what you get from the Ante and Raise bets.

Progressive jackpots create opportunities to flip the edge over to the player once they grow beyond a break-even point. That’s why many casino players scour online casinos in search of the biggest jackpots on the market. Let ‘Em Ride’s break-even point is $201,245.  

Let 'Em Ride Strategy: Basic and Advanced

With just two opportunities to raise the stakes in Let ‘Em Ride, recognizing a good deal is paramount to building a solid strategy. The top payouts in the game are exclusive to the “Raise” bets, as the Ante gets paid even money only. We’ll go over the best times to Raise for both basic and advanced strategy in order to improve your Let ‘Em Ride odds of winning at Bodog Casino. 

If you have a win in your hand, you should always raise without question; that is a pair of Tens and higher. Beyond instant wins, there are certain times to chase potential wins too, and the scenario that calls for a speculative raise varies between your 3-card hand and 4-card hand. With your 3-card hand, you should raise if you have three suited cards that are also consecutively ranked—unless they are the lowest ranks possible (2,3,4 and A,2,3). 

Upon seeing your 3-card hand, you can also raise when you have three suited cards that are almost all consecutively ranked, meaning there is just one or two gaps in the sequence of numbers. If one gap exists in the potential straight (7d,8d,10d for example), at least one of the cards should be Ten or above. If two gaps exist in the potential straight(9d,Jd,Kd for example), at least two of the cards should be Ten or above.

Once the first community card is revealed and another round of betting begins, a new strategy emerges because you now have four cards to work with. If your four cards are all suited, you should raise. Draws to outside straights should also be pursued, as these are far superior to inside straights. But if you have four cards to an inside straight and at least four high cards, you can raise then too. For non-poker players, an outside straight is when the missing card is on the outside of the consecutively-ranked cards, such as Four, Five, Six, Seven. An inside straight, meanwhile, is when the missing card is inside of the four cards, such as Four, Six, Seven, Eight.

Applying this strategy to the game will bring the house edge down to 3.51%, which is substantially lower than what you’d get playing Caribbean Stud Poker (5.22%). If the progressive jackpot reaches epic proportions, you have even more incentive to play. Start with a session on Practice Play mode and once you get the hang of the strategy, switch over to Real Play to play Let ‘Em Ride for real money payouts. Good luck at the virtual table.

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