Biggest Payouts on Table Games

Everyone dreams of hitting the Big Score. It’s one of the reasons why playing at Bodog Casino is so much fun – and fun is what table games are all about. The built-in house edge for these games means you can’t “turn pro” and grind out a long-term profit. But you can definitely put yourself in the best position possible to land one of those giant table games payouts at Bodog.

We’ll show you how. This table games guide contains everything you need to know before you go jackpot hunting at Bodog; we’ll show you the different categories you’ll find on the menu, and we’ll run down the best online table games for scoring big.


Types of Table Games You Can Play

Before you can learn how to play table games online, you need to know what kind of games are available. Tap or click on the Table Games menu at Bodog, and you’ll see the following categories:


Blackjack Games

Blackjack is by far the most popular table game in the world – it even has its own section on the menu at Bodog Casino. This isn’t a game known for big scores, but there is a 25/1 payout available in the Perfect Pair variant of Blackjack.



There’s nothing quite like spinning the Big Wheel. The largest payouts available in American and European Roulette are 35/1 for the “single” bet, where you put your money on a single number. But there’s a new game on the Roulette menu with an even larger payout, which we’ll tell you about shortly.


Card Games

This category covers all of the games (including Blackjack) where a deck of cards is used – often several decks at once. This is also where you’ll find the biggest table games payouts at Bodog, thanks to the progressive jackpots you can win.


Poker Games

Any card game that’s based on poker can be found in its own special category. We’ll deal with three specific poker games and their juicy payouts in a moment.


Dice Games

Finally, there’s some big money to be won rolling the bones. This is where you’ll find Craps, which we’ll discuss in more detail, as well as the Chinese-themed game Roll the Dice, where you can win up to 30/1.


Table Games With the Biggest Payouts

Now that you know the different types of table games you can play at Bodog Casino, let’s jump right in and look at the biggest payouts you can score:


Caribbean Stud Poker

You and the Dealer get five cards each right off the bat; if you think your hand is better, hit Raise, otherwise hit Fold. The better your winning hand is, the more you get paid, up to 200/1 for a Royal Flush. Opt into the progressive jackpot for $1, and that Royal Flush will also earn you 100% of the jackpot. You can maximize your chances of winning at Caribbean Stud Poker by playing an optimal strategy, although it mostly boils down to hitting Raise with at least a Pair, and hitting Fold with Ace-Queen or worse.


Caribbean Hold’em

The progressive jackpot for Caribbean Stud Poker is also shared by the Hold’Em variant, so every hand that’s played in either game contributes to the total. Again, make sure you tap/click that red button to opt in for $1. This time, winning with a Royal Flush will earn you 100/1 on your Raise bet, as well as 100% of the progressive jackpot when you opt in. The optimal strategy for Caribbean Hold’em is a bit complicated, but you should hit Raise about 82% of the time; as a rule of thumb, hit Fold on the flop if you have two non-paired undercards and no Straight or Flush draws.


Let ‘Em Ride

There’s yet another progressive jackpot available in Let ‘Em Ride, a very simple game where all you have to do is make at least a Pair of Tens or better. You start with three cards; if you like your chances, hit Raise to match your original bet before seeing the fourth card, or hit Continue to see it for free. Then do the same for the fifth card. Making a Royal Flush in this game will pay out a staggering 1000/1, plus you’ll win the entire progressive jackpot when you opt in. The optimal strategy for Let ‘Em Ride isn’t too difficult to figure out, and will help maximize the number of hands you play, giving you more shots at the big prize.



Stepping up to the Craps table for the first time is almost like stepping into another world. There’s a lot going on for new players, but taking the time to learn the rules is worth it because there might not be a more entertaining game at Bodog Casino – and to help wet your whistle, there’s a 30/1 payout available for two specific bets: Craps 2 (where you roll Snake Eyes), and Craps 12 (where you roll Boxcars). These exotic bets have higher house edges than the standard Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets, so sprinkle them in for some added entertainment value when you’re at the Craps table.


Teen Patti Pro

Teen patti is very similar to the old English game of three-card brag – one of the games that would eventually give rise to poker as we know it today. Teen Patti Pro asks you to bet on either the Player or Dealer having the better three-card hand; you can also bet on a Split, which is rare enough to pay out at 865/1. You can also place side bets on the Player or Dealer being dealt a certain rank, paying out as much as 440/1 for a Straight Flush.


Spin the Wheel

This is the newest game on the Roulette menu at Bodog Casino. It’s also one of the oldest casino games ever invented. In this version of Spin the Wheel, the digits 0 through 9 are available for betting, paying out at 9/1, and each spin has a random multiplier of 1X, 2X, 3X or 4X. That means you can win up to 36/1 just by picking a number and taking a spin – all without needing to learn any strategies.


Tri Card Poker

That being said, a little bit of strategy can help make a game more fun, and Tri Card Poker has an incredibly easy strategy. That’s because it’s also an incredibly easy game to play. You and the Dealer receive three cards each; if you think you’ve got the higher-ranking hand, hit Raise, otherwise hit Fold. That’s it – when your three cards are better, you’ll win between 1/1 and 40/1 depending on the strength of your hand. The strategy is to raise whenever you have Queen-Six-Four or better. Piece of cake, right?

In addition to these mammoth payouts, there are some other big scores waiting for you at Bodog Casino’s table games, so make sure to try them all using the Practice Play mode and see which ones you like the most. Remember to keep it fun when you’re playing at Bodog; never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, and end your session early if you start getting too wrapped up. Chasing down those big jackpots can do that to you, so plan ahead, enjoy yourself, and we’ll see you at the tables.