October means great baseball and fantastic MLB Vegas Odds. If you are a fan of online sports betting, at Bodog's Sportsbook you’ll be greeted by a flurry of betting action starting with the AL and NL Wildcard games. We’ll explain how all of these bets work.


Game Lines 

If you’re looking to bet on the outcome of a single game, make your way to the MLB Game Lines section of the sportsbook. Here’s where you’ll find the runline, moneyline, and total for all MLB baseball games. 

In the American League, the New York Yankees are favoured to beat the Minnesota Twins by a margin of 1½ on the runline. If you want to bet on the Yankees, they need to win by at least 2 runs for your bet to pay out. Alternatively, if you bet on the Twins, they could lose by 1 run, and you’d still win your bet.  

If you want to bet on the winner of a game without spreads, you’d bet on the moneyline. In the National League, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been given the moneyline edge at -173, while Colorado is a +148 underdog. In order to win $100 on the Diamondbacks, you’d have to stake $173, whereas a $100 wager on Colorado would yield a $148 payout.

Total runs for the one-game playoff between the Twins and Yankees has been set at 7½, with the Over and Under both checking in at -110. When you’re betting on the total, you’re guessing if the combined score of both teams will be more than the oddsmaker’s prediction (Over) or less (Under).  


Series Prices

In the MLB Series Prices section of Bodog Sportsbook, you’ll see the odds for multi-game series. The Houston Astros are -165 to win their best-of-five series against the Boston Red Sox, and the Washington Nationals are -140 to beat the Chicago Cubs in their best-of-five series. Just like with the moneyline, betting $165 on the Astros would result in a $100 payout, and betting $140 on the Nationals would result in a $100 payout. 


Game Props

There are a number of fascinating game props for the first round of the playoffs. For the two Wildcard games, you can bet on the margin of victory for each team. You can also bet on whether either game will require extra innings, and whether the final score of each game will end in an even or odd number. 



Odds for the World Series Champs are what most baseball fans look for prior to the beginning of the first playoff game, and you’ll find those in the MLB Futures section. As we go to press, the LA Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians sit atop the list of 10 teams to win the World Series with +333 odds. The Twins and Rockies sit at the bottom of that list at a bargain payback of +2800 ($2,800 payout on a $100 wager). 

Whatever your betting flavour, don’t miss out on these great opportunities to add a little extra excitement to the most exciting tournament in the world. The action starts today.


*Odds as of October 3, 2017