Did Keno really help pay for the Great Wall of China? We can’t be certain, but it’s said that Cheung Leung, a general in the Han army, invented Keno around 200 BCE as a means to pay for the war effort – this was back when the Han and the Chu people were fighting over who would take charge of the 18 kingdoms that made up China at the time. Keno worked out pretty well for General Cheung and the Han; they built part of what became the Great Wall, won the war, and started a dynasty that reigned for 400 years.


Lottery-style games like Keno have a more modern touch these days. Instead of using passenger pigeons to carry the winning numbers from town to town, we have the Internet. You can play Keno any time you like – all you need to start is a computer or mobile device, a working connection, and a Bodog Casino account. Then you have a choice of downloading the Keno game or playing online instantly.


Looking for something a little different from your specialty games? We also have Sic Bo and Bonus Bingo on tap. Sic Bo is another game with Chinese roots; the name itself means “precious dice,” and is considered one of the most popular games in Macau casinos. Bingo, of course, is a familiar game with Western origins, and the online version has spread across the globe. Our versions of Keno, Sic Bo and Bonus Bingo will give you a taste of the casino experience in the comfort of your own home, or even on the go.



Keno is a simple lottery-style game involving a card numbered from 1 to 80. First, choose a bet size, either $1, $5 or $10. Second, choose up to 15 numbers on the Keno card. Third, press Play. That’s it – the computer will select 20 numbers on the card at random, and the more “catches” you make (i.e. the more numbers you match), the higher your payout will be.


Sic Bo

Also known as “hi-lo” in the Philippines, Sic Bo is a game of chance involving one roll of three standard dice – and a table that shows all the different ways you can bet on the outcome. There are over 50 different ways you can bet on Sic Bo. Like roulette, you can wager on exact results from 4 to 17, or you can place “even money” bets on Small (any result from 4 to 10 inclusive, no triples) or Big (11 to 17 inclusive, no triples).


Bonus Bingo

Just like the standard lottery-style bingo game, in Bonus Bingo you get a 5-by-5 numbered card, with 24 numbers picked at random from 1 through 75, and a “free” centre square. Choose a card to your liking, then hit Play. You win by filling out certain patterns, such as horizontal or vertical lines, or all four corners. And if you complete the Bonus Bingo pattern, you’ll win the Bonus Bingo prize. No messy daubers required.