Rummy has been around in some form or another for centuries. It contains elements of the Chinese game mahjong, which is played with tiles. Rummy also traces back to a game called Conquian which started in Honduras – or maybe Mexico, or maybe Spain before that. Whatever the case, there are many different ways to play rummy, but the best way of all is to play Vegas Three Card Rummy at Bodog Casino.

If you’ve played Tri-Card Poker before, then you’ll be familiar with the basic gameplay: After placing your ante, you and the Dealer each receive three cards, yours face-up and hers face-down. If you like your hand, hit the Raise button to double your bet and see if your cards beat the Dealer’s. If you don’t like your hand, hit the Fold button instead. But this is rummy, not poker, so the scoring in Vegas Three Card Rummy is a little different.

Suited and Booted

The object of Vegas Three Card Rummy is to have a lower-scoring hand than the Dealer. Each card is worth the same as in blackjack, except Aces count as only 1 point, not 11. However, if you make a pair, a set, a 2-card suited run or a 3-card suited run, all those cards are worth 0 points. Pairing up and making runs is what Vegas Three Card Rummy is all about.

Note that the Dealer’s hand has to be below 21 points for her to qualify after you’ve raised your bet. If the Dealer doesn’t qualify, your Raise is returned, and your Ante pays out at even money. If the Dealer does qualify and you win, your Raise is paid out according to how low your score is, all the way up to 4:1 if you’re holding a perfect zero.

There’s also a Bonus Bet you can make when you ante, and that bet will pay out if you’ve got a hand that’s worth 12 points or fewer – regardless of what the Dealer has. If you’ve got the prettiest hand in Vegas Three Card Rummy, the suited Ace-Deuce-Trey, you’ll be paid out at 100:1 on your Bonus Bet. The score for both the Player and the Dealer is shown next to the hands, so don’t worry if it’s a bit confusing to start; use the Practice Play mode at Bodog Casino to get your feet wet, and you just might find that Vegas Three Card Rummy is the right game for you.