American Roulette at Bodog Casino

Like most casino games, roulette originated in Europe before making its way to America with oversea settlers. Once offered in legal Nevada casinos, roulette was tweaked; a double zero and bald eagle were added to the roulette wheel. The bald eagle icon was later removed, but the double zero stuck and is now a staple on American Roulette wheels.

At Bodog Casino, we have two American Roulette wheels in our online roulette section: a classic and a modern version. The Classic version replicates the roulette set-up in a physical casino. It has a full betting table, with embellishments like stacks of casino chips and a slit in the table for the croupier to insert players’ bills. On the far side of the table, an American Roulette wheel spins, waiting for bets to be placed on the table. Winning numbers are recorded on the chart at the top-right side of the screen, so you can watch for streaks.

Alternatively, you could play our new version of American Roulette. This version doesn’t try to replicate the brick and mortar casino experience. Instead, it uses two screens: one screen has the betting rectangle, and the other has the wheel. After placing your bets and hitting spin, you’re taken to the second screen where the ball spins around the wheel. The double screen makes playing on small devices easier.


Roulette Bets

People who play online roulette for real money are mainly interested in the bets and payouts. The 15 bets available in American Roulette can be categorized as inside or outside bets. When looking at a roulette table, you’ll notice an inner rectangle with the numbers 1-36, and peripheral bets added on the outside of the rectangle. Bets that are placed inside the rectangle are inside bets, whereas bets placed outside of the rectangle are outside bets.

The inside bets are riskier and come with bigger payouts. This is where you’ll find the Single Number bets that pay 35:1 – the riskiest bet in American Roulette. You can reduce the risk by betting on combinations of numbers.

  • Split Bet. Two numbers that are side by side. Pays 17:1.
  • Street Bet. Three numbers that are side by side. Pays 11:1.
  • Corner Bet. Four numbers that form a square. Pays 8:1.
  • Six Line Bet. Two street bets that are side by side. Pays 5:1.

American Roulette outside bets are less risky and award lower payouts. This is where you’ll find the classic red/black and even/odd bets.

  • Even/Odd: Betting on all even or odd numbers. Pays 1:1.
  • Black/Red: Betting on al black or red numbers. Pays 1:1.
  • Dozen Bets: Betting on the first 12 numbers, the second 12 numbers or the third 12 numbers. Pays 2:1.
  • Column Bets: Betting on the first column of numbers, the second column of numbers or the third column of numbers. Pays 2:1.

The bets are the same regardless of which version of American Roulette you play, leaving the choice completely up to you. Do you prefer the traditional feel of Classic Roulette, or the streamlined feel of the new American Roulette? Try both for real money or practice play in the Table Games section of Bodog Casino.

American Roulette at Bodog Casino