“Three Card Poker” has only been around since 1994, so not everyone is familiar with it yet. But it’s one of the most fun games you’ll find at the casino, including Bodog Casino, where the name of the game is Tri-Card Poker. Here are five good reasons you should be playing Tri-Card Poker.

1.Fast and Easy to Learn

The rules for Tri-Card Poker are simple: Place your bet, receive three cards, then either double your bet or fold. No draws, no community cards – just you versus the dealer, seeing who has the better poker hand. It’s only three cards, so flushes and straights (and straight flushes) are easier to make. You need at least Queen-high to win, so if you get dealt something worse, fold. Easy-peasy.

2.Playing Against the Dealer or Solo

If you want an even simpler game, there’s a second way to play Tri-Card Poker: Make a “Pair Plus” bet and see if you get dealt a pair or better. You don’t have to beat the dealer’s hand to win. Or you could make a standard “Ante” bet and a Pair Plus bet at the same time.

3.Bonus Payouts

Making the better hand is good, but getting one of those “monster” hands in Tri-Card Poker is where the big money is. When you’re playing against the dealer and you receive a straight flush (any three consecutive cards of the same suit), you get paid out at 5:1. Get a straight flush after making the Pair Plus bet, and your payout jumps all the way to 40:1.

4.Extra Betting Options

To keep the game moving, Tri-Card Poker allows you to hit the Rebet button and make the exact same wager you did with the previous hand. Or you can switch back and forth between the Ante and Pair Plus bets at your leisure. You can wager different amounts for each bet, using any amount your bankroll can withstand, up to $500 at a time.

5.Low House Edge

Not only is Tri-Card Poker fast, easy and fun, it offers you one of the lower house edges you’ll find at the casino. If you’re playing against the dealer, you can narrow that edge down to 2.01% on your raises by playing this very simple optimal strategy: Raise when you get dealt Queen-Six-Four or better. For the Pair Plus bet, the house edge is just 2.32% at Bodog Casino. No wonder Tri-Card Poker has become so popular. Try it for yourself and see what you think.