It’s only a matter of time before everything you do online will be done in 3D. People want an immersive experience, especially when it comes to their entertainment, and we’re getting closer to that Star Trek future with every advance in technology. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to jump into your own personal holodeck and play poker with Data, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

We’re not quite there yet. The most recent attempt at getting people to watch television in 3D has landed with a thud, and early sales for virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift have been disappointing. But those VR headsets are still in their infancy as a commercially-available product, and they point the way to a more social entertainment experience – one that is leaving television and anything like it in the dust.

Dimensional Shift

As always, online casinos are at the forefront of this technological push. Bodog Casino has already rolled out the new 3D Slots section; at press time, there are 10 games available to play, and the list is growing. Each of these 3D slots features advanced graphics and storytelling, sending you on the kind of adventure that the movie houses and TV studios simply can’t replicate. It’s not just the graphics and storylines, either. These games also give you more control over their experience than ever before.

Take, for example, the newest of these 3D slots: Thunderbird, from the fine folks at Rival Gaming. Based on traditional Native American themes, this game pops right out of the screen with eye-catching graphics – especially when you trigger Free Spins Mode and the Super Spirit Bonus Round. You’ll also find 3D games that take you undersea (Lost Secret of Atlantis, Whale O’ Winnings), into the forest (Panda Party), or to the Wild West (Six Shot Showdown).

Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bodog Casino will be rolling out more immersive 3D games in the near future, and more of these games will be made available on your mobile device as the technology improves. But there’s no question that today’s 3D slots have raised the bar for online casino entertainment. Try them for free using the Practice Play mode at Bodog Casino and see for yourself.