What is a Pick 4?

A Pick 4 requires you to select the first place finishers in four consecutive races– typically the first four or the last four of the day (at the same race track). If one selection in your wager is a loss, the entire wager is settled as a loss (please refer to the scratch rules to learn more).

How do I place a Pick 4?

1. From the entry table, click the drop-down menu and select ‘Pick 4’.

Image - Horses - P4 - Drop Down

2. You’ll then be required to select the winning horses from four consecutive races:

a. Click ‘Select’ next to the horse you think will win the first race in the Pick 4.

Image - Horses - P4 - Selections

b. Highlight the next Race in sequence and click ‘Select’ for the winner of the second race and do the same for the third and fourth races, respectively.

3. Click ‘Add to Betslip’ at the bottom of the entry table to add your selections to the Bet Slip.

Image - Horses - P4 - Add to BS

a. On Mobile, the Bet Slip can be accessed by clicking the Bet Slip icon at the bottom of the page.

Image - Horses - P4 - Betslip

b. On Desktop, the Bet Slip will be displayed to the right of your betting lines.

4. Enter your Stake, or risk amount, in the box provided.

Image - Horses - P4 - Stake

5. Review your details and click ‘Place Bets’.

6. A confirmation screen along with your wager reference number will follow.

Image - Horses - P4 - Confirmation

NOTE: When placing bets in Horses, your win amount will be subject to live track odds, also known as ‘Parimutuel Betting’. For more information on how your payout is calculated, click here.



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