Super Bowl Props Bets


Super Bowl Prop Bets

Football may be a team sport, but you can’t play the NFL version without 11 individuals per side. NFL player prop odds are getting bigger each year, with the Super Bowl prop bets dwarfing every other week of the season – and it all started with William “The Fridge” Perry at the 1986 Super Bowl.

When you open the list of prop bets available for each NFL game at Bodog Sportsbook, you’ll see the NFL player props broken down by category, which might include all of the following for one of the marquee matchups on the calendar:

  • Touchdown Scorers
  • Receiving Props
  • Receiving Yards
  • QB Yardage Props
  • QB Passing Totals
  • Rushing Props
  • Special Teams

The quarterback is the star of the show, at least for most NFL teams, so the QB Yardage Props and Passing Totals usually get the most action – alongside the QB options on the Touchdown Scorers menu. For example, Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields had the shortest odds at +137 for the Anytime Touchdown Scorer prop attached to their 2023 season-opener with the Green Bay Packers. Quarterbacks and other household-name players can also be found from time to time in the Special Bets section.

Game Props

Will the first offensive play of the game be a run or a pass? Will the game go into overtime? Will the first turnover be a fumble or an interception – or will the game be turnover-free? These are the kinds of bets you’ll find when you browse the Game Props section on our NFL Props page. They’re also incredibly popular on Super Bowl Sunday; that Super Bowl Overtime prop has been even busier since the New England Patriots’ historic comeback at Super Bowl 51.

Team Props

As the name implies, NFL team props at Bodog are all about the team and what it manages (or fails) to accomplish during the game. Team props may fall under any of these categories:

  • Margin Props
  • Score Props
  • Field Goal Props

That last category includes a handful of team props you won’t find under Special Teams, like which of the two clubs will kick the longest field goal. Margin Props ask you to bet on Team A or Team B winning by a certain number of points; Score Props ask you things like whether Team A will score on their first drive, and whether they’ll get to 20 points before Team B.


Super Bowl MVP

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is the award every NFL player covets the most, but the Pete Rozelle Trophy isn’t that far behind in second. That’s the award that goes to the Super Bowl MVP – the Most Valuable Player at the Big Game, decided by an 80/20 split vote between media and viewers.

No matter what time of year it is, chances are you’ll find odds for the next Super Bowl MVP at Bodog. It doesn’t have to be a player from the winning team, but it almost always is; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley (Super Bowl V) is the only Super Bowl MVP ever to represent the losing team.

Exotic Props

All proposition bets fall under a larger umbrella, known as exotic wagers, that covers all the bets outside of the traditional “single” or “straight” wagers, which are point spreads, moneylines and totals. But there’s also a special kind of prop bet that’s sometimes referred to as an “exotic” or “novelty” prop. These wagers are generally on things that have nothing to do with the game itself, like that world-famous Gatorade Shower prop.

Because it’s the Super Bowl, exotic props are going to be much busier than they are at any other point in the season. People who don’t care about football still bet on everything from which famous celebrities will be shown in the stands to which Super Bowl ad will pop the highest TV rating. Exotic Super Bowl props are only going to become more popular as more people from across the globe tune into the Big Game.

Halftime Show Props

The most popular of all these Super Bowl exotics can be found on the Halftime Show menu at Bodog. Before the 1985 Chicago Bears came along, the half-time show was all about marching bands and the band, Up With People. Now it’s the biggest names in music providing the entertainment between the first and second halves.

Just like the Super Bowl MVP prop, Super Bowl half-time show betting has become a year-round thing at Bodog Sportsbook. Who will the next Super Bowl headline act be? Odds are available at Bodog up until that fateful decision is made, then you can start betting on which songs they’ll perform, what outfits they’ll be wearing, and who may join them on stage. And of course, depending on the act in question, you can bet on whether they’ll experience a “wardrobe malfunction” like Janet Jackson did at Super Bowl 38.

Tips for Betting on Super Bowl Props

Betting on Super Bowl props is a great way to spice up your fan experience for the Big Game. You might even make a dollar or two along the way. Keep in mind that prop bets are usually trickier to pin down than single wagers like the point spread – that’s why they’re called “exotic.” Here are three tips to help you get better results with your Super Bowl prop betting:

Avoid contradictions

Make sure you’re not betting against yourself by making picks that are mutually exclusive. If you have, say, Under 40 in your NFL picks, don’t bet on Team A to win the race to 40 points. There may be times when it’s smart to “hedge” your bets, but this probably isn’t one of those times.

Build a narrative

Use your football knowledge to envision how the Super Bowl is likely to unfold from start to finish. Then place the wagers that best fit your narrative, like Team B using their potent pass defense to hold the Team A quarterback Under 2.5 touchdowns. Again, don’t make contradictory bets that aren’t consistent with the narrative you’ve built.

Mind the movement

Just like the point spread and total, the odds for Super Bowl props can change at any time between when they’re first posted and when the betting window closes. If you can anticipate which side of a prop the betting public will prefer, you might find the best possible odds for your bet by either jumping in right away if you like that side, or by waiting until closer to kick-off if you think most casual fans are missing the boat.

Even better, you might get the rare opportunity to “middle” your Super Bowl prop by betting on both sides at the right time. Maybe you’ll bet Team A at +150 to score Under 4.5 touchdowns, then their star quarterback gets injured, and you’ll have the chance to bet them at +150 to score Over 4.5 touchdowns, locking down a profit for yourself as long as the game gets played. These are the hedge bets you’re looking for on our NFL props menu.

When are the Super Bowl prop bets paid out?

The timing of the payouts for Super Bowl prop bets depends on the specific bet in question and how long it takes to establish the outcome. It also depends on whether you’re using the Live Betting feature at Bodog Sportsbook. Contact our Customer Service desk if you have any specific questions about the timing of your payout.

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