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NFL Offseason Update: Kansas City Chiefs Lead the Super Bowl LV Betting Odds

Now that the NFL Draft has come and gone, we can begin to plan for the regular season and see which teams have put themselves in a good enough position to be included in the top five on the NFL betting lines. You won’t be surprised by the Kansas City Chiefs (+600) and Baltimore Ravens (+650) battling it out for top spot on the NFL Vegas odds board, but a new addition to the top-five comes from a team that hasn’t seen the postseason since 2007.

Top Five Super Bowl LV Favourites

The biggest shift in the Super Bowl favourites has come from an unlikely source: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After signing the GOAT, Tom Brady, the Bucs doubled down earlier this month and announced the signing Brady’s long-time No. 1 target, TE Rob Gronkowski. Along with Brady and the Bucs, we’ll look at who else is challenging the Chiefs for top spot.

NFL Odds to Win the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs +600 Super Bowl Odds

With so much change during this offseason, it’s nice to know that the Kansas City Chiefs continue to be a constant at the top of the NFL odds board. The defending champs are +600 to win back-to-back titles, and with the addition of LSU's Clyde Edwards-Helaire at RB, the Chiefs’ offense is likely to be even better this season.

Baltimore Ravens +650 Super Bowl Odds

We’re all expecting another big year out of QB Lamar Jackson, and the thrilling pivot is going to be able to mix up the ground game even more following the Ravens’ addition of RB J.K. Dobbins (No. 55). The running back is expected to slot in behind Mark Ingram and diversify the Ravens’ run game.

San Francisco 49ers +800 Super Bowl Odds

Coming up short last season will give the 49ers even more motivation to come back stronger in 2020-21. They shored up their offensive line by acquiring Trent Williams from Washington, while also giving Jimmy G another target by selecting WR Brandon Aiyuk out of Arizona State in the second round.

New Orleans Saints +1000 Super Bowl Odds

Time is ticking for veteran QB Drew Brees, but the selection of OL Cesar Ruiz 24th overall was a sign that the Saints want to keep Brees around as long as possible. The 41-year-old is now the third-oldest player in the NFL, and the draft is a reminder that this league is getting younger by the day.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000 Super Bowl Odds

While Brady’s signing immediately launched the Buccaneers’ bid to push for their first Super Bowl victory since 2002, the acquisition of Gronkowski made things a little more real. At press, Tampa is tied for fourth spot on the NFL lines at +1000 to win Super Bowl LV. You can bet that Brady will want to prove that he’s more than just a puppet of Belichick, and now he has the chance.

2021 Super Bowl Underdog Odds

Tennessee Titans +3000

The Tennessee Titans were the story of the NFL in the second half of the regular season and through two rounds of the playoffs that included knocking off the NFL Vegas odds favourite, the Baltimore Ravens. A big part of the Titans’ run was the play of Ryan Tannehill. The QB is a free agent and there’s been no word out of Tennessee regarding their intention to extend an offer to the seven-year veteran. If he and RB Derrick Henry can revive the magic that got the Titans to the AFC Championship game in 2020, Tennessee may be a dark horse contender on the NFL betting lines.

*Odds as of May 27, 2020





How to Bet on the Super Bowl


NFL Point Spread Betting
NFL Moneyline Betting
NFL Totals Betting
NFL Prop Betting
NFL Parlay Betting
NFL Futures Betting
NFL Teaser Betting
NFL Buying Points
NFL Round Robin Betting



Super Bowl Point Spread Betting


In most games, there’s one team that has greater odds of winning: the favourite. In order to even the playing field between the favourite and the underdog, point spreads establish a margin of victory that the favourite must win by. The underdog can lose by this spread and still win the bet. In the event of a 3.5-point spread, the favourite must win by at least 4 points to cover the spread, and the underdog can lose by 3 or fewer points and still pay its backers.


Learn more about NFL Point Spread Betting.



Super Bowl Moneyline Betting


The moneyline lets you simply pick the winner of a game, with no spread attached. The odds attached to each team are the odds you’ll be paid out with if your team wins.


Learn more about NFL Moneyline Betting.



Super Bowl Totals Betting


Instead of predicting the game winner, like you’d do on the moneyline and spread, totals betting lets you bet on how offensive or defensive a game will be. Pre-game, oddsmakers pick a total number of points to be scored between both teams; you guess if the actual number of points will go over or under that number.


Learn more about NFL Totals Betting.


Super Bowl Prop Betting


Another way to bet on NFL beyond picking the winning team of a game is through prop betting. Proposed by oddsmakers, props are side bets that enrich the betting experience. These bets could be based on something that happens throughout the entire season, like whether or not a team will make the playoffs. They can also be based on individual player stats, like will a star quarterback break passing records this season or whether or not he'll throw for at least one touchdown in a game. When the Super Bowl approaches, the props market explodes with options, so be sure to keep an eye on it to scoop up some value bets.


Learn more about NFL Prop Betting.



NFL Parlay Betting


There are two types of people in NFL wagering: those who prefer the safety of making individual bets, and those who like to link bets together for a chance to win a massive payout. People in the latter group look to parlays for their bets. A parlay lets you link together up to 12 different lines. They have to all come through for you to win the monster payout in the end. 


Learn more about NFL Parlay Betting.



Super Bowl Futures Betting


Delayed gratification certainly pays out in the NFL betting world. Trying to predict a long-term outcome in the futures market, like which team will win the Super Bowl, requires patience, but there’s a lot more value than if you try to pick the winner the day of The Big Game.


Learn more about NFL Futures Betting.



Super Bowl Teaser Betting


If you like the idea of parlaying lines together, but want the comfort of reduced risk, teasers are for you. This “add on” feature lets you shift the point spread in your favour by 6, 6.5 or 7 points. For example, a 7-point teaser applied to a line where the New England Patriots are 12-point favourites on the spread would make them 5-point favourites, which is much more attainable.  Just keep in mind, in addition to reducing the risk, it also reduces the payout.


Learn more about NFL Teaser Betting.



Buying Points on the Super Bowl


Like teasers, buying points reduces risk by shifting the spread in your favour. But instead of systematically shifting all the lines in a parlay by 6 to 7 points, you are buying a half-point at a time on individual bets. You could take the Atlanta Falcons for —7.5 on the spread, and change it to—7 by buying a half-point.


Learn more about NFL Buying Points.



NFL Round Robin Betting


Round robin betting covers all possible outcomes for the lines you want to bet by breaking them into parlays. For example, if you want to include the following three lines on your bet slip: Atlanta Falcons —7, Seattle Seahawks —3, and Cincinnati Bengals —6, you can improve your chances of success by using a round robin. This popular bet breaks the lines into three two-team parlays:

Atlanta Falcons -7
Seattle Seahawks -3



Atlanta Falcons -7
Cincinnati Bengals -6


Seattle Seahawks -3
Cincinnati Bengals -6


With this round robin, hitting just one winning parlay would almost make your money back.  


Learn more about NFL Round Robin Betting.



For more information on how to bet on the NFL, each wager has an extended page, which explains how to place the bet in detail. If you’re still unsure, our customer service team is available 24/7 by phone and chat.




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