Special Features

Poker Special Features

Check out our latest Poker Features. We're always improving our software to make your experience better. Bodog Poker is continuously evolving, so check back regularly for all the newest gaming features and enhancements. Here are some of the latest:


Mobile Poker

When you play on our free mobile site, you'll get all the benefits of Bodog Poker with just the tap of a finger. Get your smartphone or tablet ready and hit the felt for all the poker action you want, from anywhere you happen to be. Read more on mobile poker today and prepare for the ultimate distraction.


Quick Seat

With Quick Seat you can be seated at a cash game table in two simple steps, and that's just the start of the awesome benefits.


New Chat Feature

It's now easier then ever to chat with our new poker app: Select from several emojis and pre-defined phrases which automatically get translated into all supported languages. Plus you also have the option to mute players or entire games. Give it a try.


Zone Poker

Zone Poker is designed to cut out the time spent waiting for your folded hands to end and new cards to be dealt. The moment you fold your hand at a Zone Poker table, you'll instantly be redirected to a new table with new players and new cards. This fun and fast-paced poker format gives players the chance to see more cards and play more hands in a shorter period of time.


Zone Poker


Anonymous Tables

Start with a clean slate every time you sit down at one of our tables. This feature allows Bodog players to enjoy online poker with complete anonymity, meaning that when you sit down at a table, your opponents don't know who you are, what your poker style is, or what you're capable of doing. With every new game, our new anonymous tables feature creates an equal playing field for everyone, similar to a live casino when you sit down at a table with anonymous players. Read more about our Anonymous Tables.


Anonymous Table


All-In percentage feature

What are your chances of winning the main pot? Now if you go all-in on a hand, a percentage bar will show up under the cards of each all-in player which indicates their probability of winning. The percentages appear as soon as the cards are shown and the percentages will be updated after each action.


Select Your Card Design

Liven up the action with our selection of card designs. You can now intensify your gaming experience by selecting one of our dynamic designs to customize your playing cards. Simply select the cards of your choice under Setting->Table setting, and use the preview option to select your favourite design.


Customize Your Table

Update the look of your table and enhance your playing atmosphere with customizable table skins. Choose from our different table themes to personalize your table. We're offering a racetrack theme in six colours including: red, blue, green, emerald, orange or pink. You can also choose from our sports stadium themes, which include: football, soccer, hockey, baseball or basketball. Simply select Settings->Table Settings and use the preview option to browse your options and enjoy.


Multiple Language Software

Poker is a game enjoyed around the world, and now you can play in the language you're most comfortable with. Bodog Poker is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.


Card Animation

This feature adds exciting animation effects like flaming cards and electrified cards whenever you land a big hand. These stunning graphics will add a boost of excitement when you're raking in those big pots and building up your chip stack at one of our tables.


Card Animation


Hand History Viewer

Watch your previous hands as they develop and relive the action using our hand history viewer. This exciting feature allows players to revisit previous hands and watch the action unfold in front of their eyes a second time around. The hand history viewer provides fast-forward and rewind buttons, giving you complete control over what you want to view. The viewer is a great tool to help you analyze and improve your game and your own playing style. The viewer is available for Cash Games, STT's and MTT's. You can activate the hand history viewer directly from the table you're playing from or from the hand history details page.


Fully Downloadable Complete Hand Histories

This unique feature gives you the ability to view everyone's hole cards from your previous poker sessions. Full hand histories will be available for download 24 hours after the completion of a scheduled tournament, Sit and Go, or cash game pot. These fully downloadable complete hand histories will reveal the hole cards of all players, regardless of whether they played the hand or not, offering extra insight into how the previous hands unfolded.


Hand Histories


Instant Heads-Up Rematch

If you find an opponent you enjoy playing against, you can now keep the fun going thanks to Bodog's Instant Heads-Up Rematch feature. This option allows you and your fellow player to return to the same table and get back to the action while the chips are still hot. As soon as a Heads-Up match is completed, you will be given the option to rematch your opponent. If they also agree to a rematch, a new Heads-Up game will start instantly.


Multi Entries for Zone Poker

For a more exciting and rewarding Zone Poker experience, you can now play two entries at the same time in a single player pool. When you buy in to a Zone Poker table, you will have the option of playing one or two entries.


Single Session Player Notes

Gain that extra edge by analyzing and noting your opponents playing tendencies. You can take single-session notes on players during a tournament, Sit and Go or cash game.


Rabbit Cam

If you've ever wondered what that next card would have been, you can now satisfy your curiosity with our new Rabbit Cam feature. The Rabbit Cam will show you what the next card dealt would have been when a hand completes after the flop or the turn, but before the river has been dealt. If a hand completes after the flop, the turn card will be shown. If it completes after the turn, the river card will be shown.


Rabbit Cam


Play More Tournaments

Play between one and 15 tournaments; the choice is now yours. You can still play up to four Cash and Sit and Go Tournament tables simultaneously, but you now have the option to play even more Multi-Table Tournaments, up to 15 total tables, at the same time.


In-Software Casino Games

While you're seated at our poker tables, check out the full range of high-quality casino games built right into the poker software. You can play poker and any of your favourite casino games simultaneously. Choose from 3D, video and progressive slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, specialty games and many more.



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