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2019 EPL Odds: Odds to Win the English Premier League

There are two ways to build a winner in professional soccer: One, spend a lot of money, and two, use your brains. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, of course. For example, there are plenty of smart people working for Manchester City, and Liverpool have the third-highest team salary in the English Premier League. But in this two-horse race, the Reds (eight wins, one draw and zero losses) have used their superior analytics to take the lead as –120 title favourites on the EPL betting lines.

It’s definitely not too late for the Sky Blues (six wins, two losses and a draw). They’re a few players short right now because of injuries, but their primary owner, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has enough money to paper over just about any problem – in theory. January’s transfer window is very much a seller’s market, and Manchester City have only made one such move under coach Pep Guardiola, adding centre-back Aymeric Laporte in January 2018. Maybe they’ll make another now that Laporte has had surgery on his right knee.

EPL Odds Breakdown 

There are 18 other teams in the Premiership, but only Liverpool and Man City have realistic odds to win the EPL title, even if we’re only nine games into the 2019-20 schedule. Here are the top five favourites at press time:

1. Liverpool: –120 EPL Odds

Reds supporters might not want to hear it, but their plus-14 goal differential is second to the Sky Blues at plus-20. Adding to their anxiety level, Liverpool went to Old Trafford on Sunday and saw their perfect season come to a grinding halt. As –110 favorites on the EPL lines (the 1X2 lines, not the spread), the Reds needed an 85th-minute goal from Adam Lallana to escape with a 1-1 draw. It’s no shame to draw at Old Trafford, even today, but they still gave two points back to Man City ahead of their November 10 meeting (11:30 AM ET) at Anfield.

2. Manchester City: +110 EPL Odds

The Sky Blues definitely have to do something about their defence. Laporte isn’t the only absent player; Nicolas Otamendi, Kyle Walker and Aleks Zinchenko all missed Saturday’s 2-0 win over Crystal Palace (+1000 at home). Benjamin Mendy and John Stones did return, but Mendy was shaky at best, and Stone played only the last 10 minutes, leaving Rodri and Fernandinho as their centre-back pairing for the day. Joao Cancelo wasn’t terribly inspiring either in his second EPL start for Man City since coming over from Juventus at the August transfer window.


3. Chelsea: +7000 EPL Odds

Chelsea (five wins, two draws and two losses) learned their place in the EPL pecking order on September 22 when the Reds came to Stamford Bridge and beat them 2-1 as +115 favourites. But their level of play has otherwise been quite good – as good as Liverpool’s, if you believe in the advanced stats more than Chelsea’s plus-5 goal differential. The Blues have won three straight in the Premiership, and look good to win their next three before facing Manchester City on November 23 (12:30 PM ET) at Etihad Stadium.

4. Arsenal: +10000 EPL Odds

The advanced stats don’t look too good for the Gunners (four wins, three draws, one loss), and neither does their plus-2 differential. There are still plenty of holes to fill on defence with coach Unai Emery in his second year at the helm; Arsenal have made 34 saves thus far, which is more than everyone except Tottenham Hotspur (39) and Norwich City (37), both of whom have played the full nine games. But while that end of the pitch takes up the headlines, the Gunners haven’t done much on offence, either.


5. Leicester City: +12500 EPL Odds

Leicester City (five wins, two draws and two losses) know all about beating long odds. The unlikely 2015-16 champions may have the best chance of anyone to get past Liverpool and Manchester City, judging by their plus-8 goal differential. That number is kind to the Foxes, though. They’ve exceeded expectations at both ends of the pitch, and they needed some VAR help to defeat Burnley (+550 away) 2-1 on Saturday. There’s also plenty of transfer buzz around defender Ben Chilwell, who could be on the move to Manchester United or Chelsea in January – if the Blues have their transfer ban cleared in time.

*Odds as of November 06, 2019


Betting Guide: How to Bet on Soccer Odds

Long considered the most popular sport in the world, soccer games continue to gain popularity on a global scale. Whether it is the global audience taking in the World Cup or the weekly action of Europe's best sports leagues including the Premier League, the Bundesliga league, and the UEFA Champions league, or the rapid growth in popularity of the MLS league among North American sports fans, soccer games continue to thrive.

That growth has attracted the attention of sports bettors from around the world, with seasoned veterans taking in the wide array of soccer sports betting options available, while novices are learning more about what the best sports bets are available to them as they embrace the Beautiful Game for the first time. Below is a guide showcasing the best ways you can get in on the soccer betting action online.


Soccer Spread and Moneyline Betting Odds

Soccer spread and moneyline betting are the simplest and best ways of wagering on soccer games, whether it's a league or the World Cup. With moneyline betting, you have the ability to place bets on the outcome of the match, including bets on which sports team will win or lose, or whether the match will end in a draw. And while most popular for its use in online betting on NFL football, betting on the spread in soccer allows you to place bets on the size of the margin of victory by a team in a match.

  • Manchester City -150
  • Arsenal FC +300
  • Draw +250

An example of a moneyline bet is illustrated above. In this example, the English Premier League team Manchester City is listed as the favorites, sporting -150 odds, which mean a successful $150 bet will win you $100. Conversely, Arsenal FC are listed as the underdogs with +300 odds, which means a successful $100 bet on the Gunners to take the victory will win you $300.

Of course, soccer is a low-scoring game by nature, which makes draws fairly common. In this case, the odds of the match ending in a draw are better than the odds of Arsenal earning the win, with a successful $100 bet on the two sides finishing level winning $250.

However, there are circumstances where two teams will play extra time until there is a winner, such as in international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, or in sports leagues where there are playoffs to determine a champion, such as Major League Soccer. In those cases, the outcome of a bet on the Draw is determined by the score after 90 minutes.

As discussed, betting on the spread enables you to place bets on the margin of victory in a match.

  • Manchester City -1.5 (-120)
  • Arsenal FC +1.5 (+115)

The above example illustrates the best way to bet on the spread. In this case, Manchester City is favored on the spread to win the match by at least 1.5 goals (as indicated by the minus symbol) supported by -120 moneyline odds. This means if City wins the match by a margin of more than 1.5 goals (for example, a 3-1 victory), then a successful $120 bet will win you $100. Arsenal is pegged as the underdog; Arsenal can lose the match by a 2-1 score but still produce a winning bet thanks to the +1.5 spread, with bets of $100 producing $115 in winnings.


Soccer Totals Betting Odds

Totals betting enables you to wager on the total number of goals scored by both teams in soccer games in all leagues, tournaments and the World Cup.

  • Toronto FC O 2.5 (-130)
  • LA Galaxy U 2.5 (+120)

In this example, the total in the match is set at 2.5 goals, which means a bet on the UNDER, as indicated by the U on the betting line, is only a winner if the two teams in the match combine to score fewer than 2.5 total goals.

Conversely, a bet on the OVER, as indicated by the O on the betting line, only pays out if the two teams combine to score three or more goals. Once again, the payout for each wager is determined by soccer moneyline odds, with a successful $130 bet on the OVER winning $100, while a winning $100 bet on the UNDER will net you a tidy $120 payout.


Soccer First Half Wagering Odds

Moneyline, spread, and totals betting are not strictly limited to wagering on the final score of a soccer game, or the score after 90 minutes of play. With first half wagering, you can get in on online betting action covering which team will hold the lead at halftime, whether they will beat the spread, as well as the total number of goals that are scored.

First half wagering options are typically made available among the soccer odds on the match's dedicated online betting page, and can be indicated by a 1H beside the odds, or they will be clearly labeled as part of the soccer props available for the match.


Soccer Game Props

While moneyline, spread, and totals bets focus on the score in the match and how many goals will be tallied, soccer props online betting enables you to wager on many aspects of the match, ranging from the exact score of the game, to the exact number of goals that will be scored, and to which players will score them.

Game props cover a wide variety of potential outcomes of a match, including method of victory, the exact score, the exact margin of victory, whether both teams will score, and whether either team will keep a clean sheet.


Method of Victory

  • Real Madrid in Regulation Time +290
  • Real Madrid in Extra Time +1600
  • Real Madrid in Shootout +1200
  • Liverpool in Regulation Time +100
  • Liverpool in Extra Time +850
  • Liverpool in Shootout +1100

The above example illustrates a very popular game props option, where you can bet on how a match will end. In this case, the English Premier League team Liverpool is listed as a +100 favorite to win in 90 minutes, while Real Madrid offer an intriguing option as a +1200 bet to win by shootout, which means a successful $100 bet will win you $1200.


Soccer Goal Props

With goal props betting, you can bet on a variety of goal scoring scenarios in a match, including which team will score first, which team will score last, and the exact number of goals scored, both in the first half and through the entire match.

In addition, you can bet on whether a specific team or both teams will score in both halves of a match, as well as the method of the opening goals of the match, whether any own goals will be scored, or any goals scored on penalties.


Method of First Goal

  • Open Play Shot Inside The Box -125
  • Open Play Shot Outside The Box +600
  • Own Goal +2000
  • Header +350
  • Direct From Free Kick +1200
  • Penalty +800
  • No Goal +900

The above example illustrates a prop on the method of the first goal scored, with a goal scored on an open play from inside the box favored to be the first marker at short -125 odds.


Soccer Player Props

Player props offer somewhat simpler online sports betting options, focused on which players will score in the match and when. Typically, wagering is available on which player will score the first goal of the match, as well as on whether a player will score at anytime during the match.

You can also bet on whether a player scores, combined with the exact final score of the match, with dramatically enhanced moneyline odds attached to such bets.


Soccer Futures Betting Odds

As the name implies, futures bets enable you to get in on online soccer games betting on future events in a league, tournament or the World Cup. These are typically betting on what sports team will win a league, tournament championship or the World Cup, as well as in-tournament betting, such as wagering on which team will win a two-leg matchup in a competition like the UEFA Champions League.

Futures betting also enables you to bet on individual performances, such as which player will win individual awards such as the Golden Boot at the FIFA World Cup, or best goalscorer honors and the Most Valuable Player award in sports leagues around the world including Major League Soccer.

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