What are Cash Games?

Bodog runs cash game tables 24/7. Cash or “ring” games are the most adrenaline-fueled form of poker.  Every hand is a game in itself and players choose how much they wish to sit down with. They can join or leave at any time (unlike a scheduled tournament). Whether you’re feeling flush or not, we offer buy-ins to suit everyone, from $2 to $2,000. Beginners often hone their skills on the free play tables.

With cash games, the chips in play represent real money as opposed to tournament chips that represent an artificial amount. Blinds are fixed and the game runs as long as there are players willing to take a seat. A tournament, on the other hand, has a specific start time, increasing blinds as it progresses, and it ends when one player has accumulated all the chips.

At the Bodog Poker Room you can play cash games in Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit formats in the following games:

Texas Hold ‘em

Omaha (and Omaha Hi/Lo)


Why Play Cash Games?

Cash games work well for beginners who don’t want to be locked into a long tournament. Then again, poker veterans who are short on patience enjoy the fast pace (seeing up to 70 hands an hour) and the ability to play on several tables at once. Enjoy forcing the action and stealing pots, or even trapping these predators.

*All buy-ins are in USD.