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Online poker in Canada has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it really is no surprise given the elements of skill involved. Some of the greatest poker tournaments of all time have been hosted online, and in the modern world of technology the need to travel around the world to pit your wits against the best poker players on the planet has diminished hugely. In fact, those very gods of the game that we have seen on our television screens over the years now play poker online.

Bodog is proud to host an array of poker games and tournaments, so before we move onto discussing how to play poker online, let’s touch on Bodog’s offerings.

How To Play Poker Online At Bodog

It will come as no surprise to learn that you initially need to head to to get started. This is our hub of online poker and we host some of the most entertaining online poker tournaments on the web.

You can download our free poker software for a unique experience, or even play instantly on the go on your mobile device or tablet. With scheduled tournaments, cash games, sit & go offerings and more, there really is something for everyone at Bodog Poker.

What’s more, there is $200k guaranteed every Sunday with our weekly GTD tournament. If you’re looking for serious online poker tournaments, you’ve come to the right place.

Now then, let’s get down to the serious stuff…

How To Play Poker

How to play poker online is a question that is gathering serious traction. It is a game of unbelievable skill and played by some of the most methodical thinkers out there.

With that in mind, before you commit to any online poker games, you’re going to want to read up on how to play poker online. That’s where we come in. Bodog is the best online poker site in Canada, and we’re all about helping our players when it comes to the ultimate game of bluffing.

With tens of millions of people now playing online poker games around the globe, you’re going to want to do all you can to gain that competitive edge.

Our software means that there is every chance you can play online poker at Bodog on the very device you’re reading this on. The best news? Beginners to online poker don’t need much in the way of funds to start off. The last thing you want is to commit a chunk of funds into a game that you’re not confident with. Ease your way in, and increase the amounts once you have got some practice under your belt.

to start off. The last thing you want is to commit a chunk of funds into a game that you’re not confident with. Ease your way in, and increase the amounts once you have got some practice under your belt.

You’ll need to download our software, or head over to our mobile poker section to play on the go. Once set up, choose your deposit method and you’re good to go.

Our first advice when sitting down to player online poker tournaments is to memorise the best poker hands. We’ll rank them in order of power shortly, but you need to know which hands put you in a position of strength without even having to think about it.

Being confident with the win probability of a particular hand also puts you in a position of strength. Lastly, there really is no better feeling than successfully bluffing your opponent when playing online poker. In fact, playing any form of poker certainly results in a rush when you have managed to bluff your way to a win. However, don’t let that rush of adrenaline work against you. You want to limit how often you try and bluff your opponents. The best players will quickly realise your strategy and capitalise on it.

Poker Hand Rankings

As mentioned above, knowing the best poker hands like the back of your hand is the first step to becoming an accomplished (or even great) poker player.

Without further ado, let’s rank them from strongest to weakest.

Royal Flush

A royal flush simply can’t be beaten. It features five consecutive cards of the same suit in order of value from ten through to ace. You already know you’ve won with this hand, but be careful how you play it. Remember the long game, and don’t give your tactics away.

Straight Flush

The only hand that can be beaten by a straight flush is the royal flush. Failure to win a hand when holding a straight flush is awful luck. This hand consists of any five cards of consecutive value of the same suit. The higher the numbers the better.

Four Of A Kind

The same card in all four suits is a rarity in a game of poker, which is what makes four of a kind such a valuable hand. The five card hand is your four matching cards and the highest in your hand or on the table.

Full House

The same value card in three different suits and a pair is known as a full house. It’s a solid hand, but others may have similar. So keep in mind that the higher the value of the three of a kind the better.


You might think you’ve hit the jackpot if you hold five cards of the same suit. You might, and it’s a good hand, but approach with caution as it is very beatable.


Five consecutive cards of any suits make up a straight. It is the same as a straight flush, but the suits don’t match.

Three Of A Kind

A hand containing three matching cards of different suits makes up three of a kind. The two highest cards available make up the rest of the hand.

Two Pairs

As you might have guessed, two pairs does as it says. It comprises of two pairs and one additional card making up the hand. The higher the value of the pairs, the better.


Similarly, a single pair is accompanied by the three other highest cards available. Again, the higher the pair the better.

High Card

The weakest hand in poker. Simply put, the highest card in your hand is your best chance of a win.

Poker: Cash Games vs Tournaments

With poker tournaments becoming a more regular part of our television viewing, their popularity has increased since the turn of the millennium.

Online poker tournaments are a simple concept, and it is this simplicity that makes them so enticing. Players pay their buy-in and are given a stack of chips, the moment they run out of chips they are eliminated from the tournament. It’s basic, it’s clean, it’s simple, and it can’t be argued with.

With thousands of players enjoying online poker at any one time, tournaments can become extremely profitable the deeper into a tournament you go.

On the flip side, cash games tend to follow the more traditional format. Players buy in with a certain number of chips, with a minimum and maximum amount allowed on the table – dependent on the size of the blind.

Players can decide to cash in and any points, leaving the time of play entirely in the hands of the individual, as opposed to tournament play which can last for a considerably longer period of time.

Both tournaments and cash games have their benefits, and it is up to the player in question to decide which suits them.

Online Poker FAQs

Is It Safe To Play Poker Online?

Absolutely. As with all products here at Bodog, your funds remain safe and secure until you decide to cash out. However, please be wary that it is not Bodog’s responsibility to advise you on your gameplay.

What Is A Stack Poker?

A stack poker refers to the amount of chips being played for between two players with unequal stacks of chips. For instance, one player may have 2,000 chips and their opponent has 800. The highest amount they can therefore be playing for is 800 chips.

Does Stack Size Matter In Online Poker?

It does. Having a limited number of chips left restricts you in terms of bluffing your opponents as you don’t have the money in the game to scare them.

What Is A Float Bet?

When you call a bet without a strong hand, you are hoping to turn the hand into a bluff later in the game. This is known as a float.

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