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NFL Football Betting Guide







For a break from conventional football betting, consider getting into NFL prop betting. It’s a fun and low-pressure way to get engaged with certain aspects of the game without trying to predict the outcome.



What are NFL Props


NFL props are questions posed by oddsmakers based on events other than the outcome of a game. Anything that can potentially happen on the sidelines can be turned into a prop. There are five types of prop bets available in football: game props, team props, player props, specials, and NFL season props. We’ll go over each one.


NFL Game Props: Game props include stats or achievements that happen in a single game. These are very popular with live betting. An example of a game prop is: Which team will be the first to score a touchdown?


NFL Team Props: A team prop includes a stat or achievement that encompasses the entire football team. Betting on a team’s total yards in a game is an example of a team prop.


NFL Player Props: Player props focus on the stats and achievements of individual players. Most games have player props for the quarterback, running back and wide receivers—especially the big-name ones. These props include betting on the running back’s total rushing yards and betting on the quarterback’s passing yards for any given game.


NFL Specials: Specials are off the cusp props created to enhance the NFL and Super Bowl experience. An example of an NFL special that’s always popular come Super Bowl is: What colour will the Gatorade be that’s dumped on the winning coach?


NFL Season Props: A season prop lasts the duration of one NFL football season. These bets are locked down until the season ends. One example of a popular season prop is: Will x team make it to the playoffs this season? All teams have this prop available pre-season, and as the season progresses, the odds shift to reflect the probability of the team making it. Another example of a popular NFL season prop is the team win total. Pre-season, each team is assigned a total number of victories, and the public bets if the team will win more or fewer games than predicted.  A win total looks like this:


Detroit Lions – Total Wins in the Regular Season     
Over 8.5   Under 8.5 (+120)


If you think the Lions have it in them to win nine or more games in the regular season, bet the Over at —130 odds. If you think they’re going to have a tough time winning nine games, bet the Under at +120 odds.


Prop betting formats vary depending on what’s being asked. The betting “answers” can be presented as:





Tom Brady Passing Yards in a Single Game:


Over 299.5 yards (—130)
Under 299.5 yards (—110)



Yes or No


Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement in the postgame interview?


Yes +500
No —1000



List of Possible Answers


Who will be the first to score a touchdown?


Cam Newton +700
Greg Olsen +7500
Jonathan Stewart +800
CJ Anderson +900



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How are NFL Prop Payouts Calculated?


Every prop betting option comes with American odds. They can be negative, which denotes the favourite, or positive, which denotes the underdog. Negative odds express how much money you’d have to bet to win $100. With our Detroit Lions win total, the Over is the favoured bet, and costs $130 to potentially win $100. As always, there’s more value with the underdog, which shows how much money you’d win when staking $100. If you took the Under for the win total, you’d win $120 off a $100 bet. Oddsmakers shift these odds to ensure a balanced market between all the options.


When betting on NFL props, there will be times that you won’t win or lose. Because of all the variables that surround props, they can be graded no action under specific circumstances. For example, if you’re looking to bet on the over-under for a quarterback’s passing yards in a game, it’s always possible that the quarterback won’t start due to a last-minute injury. In that case, bets are deemed no action, and the money staked is returned.


If you ever feel like your NFL betting routine is becoming predictable, shake things up by tossing in a few prop bets. These can be as off-beat as you want them to be.



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