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NFL Prop Betting


NFL prop betting offers something different for our football fans who like to go beyond just money line betting. Prop betting (short for proposition bets) puts the power in your hands, and offers an entirely different experience to your standard NFL odds bets. this is even more relevant while Super Bowl... Instead of betting according to Super Bowl odds, you bet to Syper Bowl props.

Sure, the futures is a thrilling NFL odds board that changes as the season progresses based on which team is performing to the highest level. For some, that is enough. For others, props betting provides that little bit more.

What Is An NFL Prop Bet?

We’re glad you asked, as it takes a bit of explaining. The most simplistic way to break down exactly what an NFL prop bet is (or any prop bet for that matter) is placing a bet on an outcome surrounding an NFL match, that is not directly impacted by the final outcome of the game itself, like the NFL spreads, as an example.

Prop bets are hugely popular in football for this very reason. It is such a complex sport, with so many stories unfolding before our eyes away from the scoreline itself, that the props bets just keep rolling in – especially at Bodog Sportsbook.

There are quite literally dozes on props available on any one NFL game, with Bodog’s prop builder proving increasingly popular with our football bettors. Carries, pass completions, receiving yards, receptions and even the result of the first drive can be mashed into one market, putting the power firmly in your hands.

As an example, you could place a bet on how many TDs will Tom Brady pass for in a particular game, with the over or under line set at 2.5. Your odds are dictated by the level of opponent and the form of the player, amongst other variables, and you can add that particular prop to others using a prop builder. Sounds fun, right?

Outside of a game itself, Bodog players can take advantage of an array of NFL season player props. This can include over or under markets in fields such as interceptions, sacks, passing yards, touchdowns and so much more.

Most Passing TDs

The likes of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen tend to be pretty high on this prop list, but taking it on a game by game basis, it’s a difficult one to call who will be the king of the passing touchdowns in one match.

The beauty of bets like this is that it’s never over until it’s over – which is NFL betting in a nutshell really.

You can bet on the most passing touchdowns in a single game or over the course of the season. Which you choose is really up to you. Do you prefer quick wins? Or are you in it for the long haul?

Most Passing Yards

The passing yards, much like the passing touchdowns above, is usually the game of the quarterbacks. Let’s be honest, they are the players that grab most of the attention, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Bodog allows players to bet on who will record the most passing yards in a single game, or over the course of the season.

If it is the latter you’re opting for, you’re going to want to do your research – research that will likely lead you to the big boys such as Allen, Mahomes, Aaaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Justin Herbert.

Most Receiving Yards

In years gone by, the likes of Jerry Rice, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens would have dominated Bodog props betting for the most receiving yards. In their time, these boys were the best at fighting for every inch, and would have been on many bet slips heading into a new NFL season.

Today, Cooper Kupp is the man of the moment when it comes to receiving yards, and it would take a brave punter to bet against him topping this particular chart once the season ends.

Of course, the likes of Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase might have something to say about that, and all of these guys are sure to feature heavily on singular match props when their sides take the field.

Most Rushing Yards

Frank Gore, Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton are three names that immediately spring to mind when thinking of rushing yards props. They are NFL royalty, and would be at the summit of our odds board if they were still active.

This season, Jonathan Taylor, Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb are the front runners (excuse the pun), although Joe Mixon may have something to say about that after his recent surge into form.

All of the above can be placed as single NFL prop bets, or added together a prop builder. As ever at Bodog, the choice is yours.


What Happens To My NFL Prop Bet If The Player Doesn’t Play?

The bet will be voided. Your chosen player in the prop has to feature for the bet to go live, and we will void any bet where they don’t.

Can I Parlay Player Props From Numerous NFL Games?

Yes, you can parlay NFL bets on two or more NFL games. Why stick to just one match when you can spread the fun around multiple?

Are Props Bets Worth It?

Prop betting provides entertainment that other form of betting just can’t match. Not only that, if a sizeable prop bet lands, the profits can be enormous.

How Do NFL Props Bet Payouts Work?

In the same way that any other NFL bet works. The difference between a prop bet and most bets is that the market in question is unique, but the payouts are the same.

Do Player Props Extend Into Overtime?

Yes they do. Player props placed on a particular games are valid for the entirety of the game.

NFL Prop Betting With Crypto

NFL prop betting is extremely fun, but the fun ramps up when betting with crypto. It’s secure, offers speedy payouts, and comes with added bonuses.


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