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It may look like no big deal when a spread moves up or down by a half-point, but sometimes a half-point can make a big difference. When offense is at a premium, a half-point can act as a cushion by turning a loss into a push. Fortunately, you can enjoy best NFL Odds at Bodog and shift spreads in your favour by buying half-points when placing single bets.


What Does Buying Points Mean?


Even though the term “buying points” implies buying multiple points, when you’re buying points in the NFL or in the Super Bowl betting, you can only buy a half-point—unless you’re looking to tease parlays. Teasing allows you to move the spread 6 to 7 points in your favour, but it’s for parlays only.


When it comes to Super Bowl odds and the NFL, buying points is for single bets; it adds or subtracts a half-point from the NFL point spread in your favour, moving it from a fractional number to a whole number. For example, if you have a spread of —4.5, the half-point would shift it to —4, which decreases the margin of victory for the favourite. If the spread is +4.5 the half-point would shift it to +5, creating a wider spread for the underdog.


Because half-points can only be applied to fractional spreads, like —4.5, they don’t have the capacity to turn a loss into a win. But they can turn losses into pushes, which is very helpful in the long run. We’re going to explain what we mean with an example of a spread.


Los Angeles Chargers + 4.5
Dallas Cowboys —4.5


In this example, the Dallas Cowboys are the favourite as indicated by their negative point spread. Let’s say they beat the Los Angeles Chargers 14-10. With the standard —4.5-point spread, the bet would lose since they needed to win by at least five points to cover. However, with the purchase of a half-point, the point spread would have changed to —4. In that case, a 14-10 win by the Cowboys would result in a push, and your money would be returned.


Betting on the Los Angeles Chargers, who are the underdogs, would widen the spread, changing it from +4.5 to +5. If the Cowboys won 26-21, the Chargers bets would have lost. However, with a +5-point spread, the Chargers bets would have been a push, and your money would be returned.



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NFL Buying Points Explained


The buying points bet comes with a lower payout to account for the reduced risk. How much lower depends on which number your new point spread falls on. In the NFL, some spreads are statistically more prevalent than others. For example, the No. 3 is the most common margin between the winning and losing team, so changing the spread to 3 points (from +2.5 or —3.5) costs the most, moving the line up 25 cents. That means a —110 line would change to —135. By buying the half-point, you’re going to have to spend $135 to win $100, instead of $110 to win $100.


The second-most expensive half-point you can purchase is moving the spread onto a 7. If you’re betting the favourite, you’re moving the spread from —7.5 to —7, and if you’re betting the underdog, you’re moving the spread from +6.5 to +7. This half-point costs 15 cents on a standard —110 line, making the line —125 instead. That means, you’re staking $125 instead of $110 to win $100. All other moves cost a standard 10 cents on a —110 line, making it —120 instead.


Payouts change when the line isn’t —110. If a line is less than —110, you would have to pay extra to get the line up to—110 before adding the 10, 15, or 25 cents. For example, if a line is —105, you’d have to pay 5 cents before adding the 10, 15, or 25-cent top up. Lines that are greater than —110 don’t require any extra reductions or additions. Simply add the 10, 15, or 25 cents depending on the number the spread ends up on.


Buying points is a good way to add a little insurance to your NFL spread bets. By turning some of your losses into pushes, you can get more miles out of your sports betting bankroll.



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