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As any football fan knows, all roads lead to the Super Bowl – and with that comes an awful lot of excitement surrounding the NFL Super Bowl Odds. But before then, there is a gruelling regular NFL season to work our way through, with each team playing out 17 games in a bid to make it to the greatest show on turf.

We’ll get onto the NFL betting very shortly, but before then let’s take a closer look at some items that at football fans should know, starting with a history of the NFL.

History of NFL Betting

While the Super Bowl odds didn't become such and important thing it didn’t actually hit our TV screens until 1960, the NFL has been around for much longer than that. Football itself has actually been a part of American sport since the mid-19th century, but it wasn’t until 1920 that the American Professional Football Association (APFA) formed only to become the NFL two years later.

The first ever game to be played under the NFL organisation took place on October 3rd 1920, with the Dayton Triangles beating the Columbus Panhandles 14-0. Of course, the Triangles no longer have a team in the NFL, but Triangle Park still hosts football matches to this day – over a century on.

Oldest Teams in NFL History

The two aforementioned teams no longer compete in the NFL, but they aren’t the only sides to have come and gone in football’s biggest league. The likes of Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns have been registered NFL teams for generations, but the top five have become synonymous with the sport.

Detroit Lions

The Lions enjoyed their first season in the NFL in 1930, one year after being established a year prior. The first five years of their existence saw them operate under the name of the Portsmouth Spartans, but even with a change of team name the Detroit Lions have still never won a Super Bowl.

New York Giants

A lot of NFL teams tend to move around. Don’t ask us why, but they do. The New York Giants have remained in the Big Apple since their inception back in 1925. It only took three seasons for the Giants to win their first NFL Championship, and they have since added three more to their cabinet.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers have been in formation for over a century now, and is the oldest continuous franchise to never move or change their name. The Super Bowl trophy is named after a Green Bay legend in Vince Lombardi, with the Packers managing an impressive 11 NFL Championships before the creation of the showcase event.

Chicago Bears

Chicago joined the NFL one season prior to the Packers, but under the name of the Decatur Staleys. That was quickly changed to the Chicago Staleys, and by 1922 the Chicago Bears became the name of choice, and has remained as much to this day. They have only managed one Super Bowl triumph, but did succeed with eight Championships before then.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are the only existing NFL franchise to have been formed in the 1800s, making them the oldest team in the NFL. Despite being ever presents in the league, they are also one of the least successful teams, having won only two NFL Championships in their history (1925 & 1947).

Oldest Stadiums in NFL History

oday, some of the most impressive stadiums in sport play host to our NFL teams, but you might be surprised to learn just how old some of the arenas are. Let’s take a look.

  • Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs): 1972
  • Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Oakland Raiders): 1966
  • Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers): 1957
  • Soldier Field (Chicago Bears): 1924
  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles Rams): 1923

NFL Championship History

From 1920 to 1932, the team at the top of the APFA (1920-1921) and then the NFL (1922 onwards) were awarded the Championship. The Akron Pros won the first league, although it didn’t take long for the Green Bay Packers to assert their dominance with three consecutive titles between 1929 and 1931.

The Chicago Bears beat the New York Giants in the first ever NFL Championship game in 1933, with the Giants reversing that result the following year.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that the two sides dominated the NFL betting scene from then on, but it didn’t take long for other franchises to stake their claim. In fact, by the time the Super Bowl was introduced in 1966, the Packers had won nine Championships, while the likes of the Detroit Lions (4), Cleveland Browns (3) and Baltimore Colts (2) had started to muscle in.

NFL Playoffs Odds

The NFL playoffs are a single-elimination tournament which is held right after the regular season and culminates in the Super Bowl. The 32 teams that take part in the National Football League are divided into two conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Each of these conferences has 16 teams, which are divided into 4 divisions, and each of these divisions has 4 teams. The Playoffs work as follows:

-The champions of each of the divisions in both Conferences (the teams with the best overall record in each division) are scored from 1 to 4 based on their performance.

-Three wild-card qualifiers in both Conferences (the teams with the best performance from the remaining teams) are scored 5, 6, and 7.

So eventually we have 7 teams in each Conference, and only 2 teams, one from each conference, play against each other to win the NFL. You can find best NHL playoff odds at Bodog.

How To Bet On The NFL

Bodog Sportsbook really is the home of all NFL betting for Canadian football fans. We’ve been around since 1994 and our NFL odds are competitive with anyone else.

You can bet on NFL games, props and the Super Bowl with Bodog. In fact, Super Bowl is one of the most awaited sport events of the year and many NFL bettors are full of excitement when the date approaches. We also provide you with the best NFL futures odds so that you can have all the fun! Some of the most popular NFL Bettings are:

  • Teaser betting: In the NFL teaser bet, the bettor can change the point spread of each game, so it is easier to win, but the winnings are usually lower.
  • Parlay Betting: The Parlay betting is a type of betting in which 2 or more bets are linked. If you lose one of the bets, you lose the full parlay.
  • Round Robin betting: The Round Robin betting is a series of smaller parlays with different combinations in one ticket.
  • Point Spread Betting: The Point Spread is a number given by the oddsmakers and serves as advantage or handicap for 2 teams.

You can also find additional information in our NFL Betting Guide.

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To place a bet on the NFL, you’ll need to fund your Bodog account. It’s a very straightforward process, with credit card and Direct Bank Transfer readily available. However, you may wish to consider depositing via cryptocurrency given that this is the fastest and most secure method that also allows you to enjoy our best promotions. At Bodog we take Bitcoin, Bitcoun Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum and USD Tether. Keep checking back though, as we are always on the lookout for more coins for our players to use.

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Place Your First NFL Bet

Okay, so now you are up to speed with the history of the NFL and have been given the lowdown on how to deposit at Bodog Sportsbook. The time has now come to place your first NFL wager. Naturally, as the Super Bowl approaches, the NFL odds board really starts to ramp up. However, you are able to place an array of NFL bets all-year round.

Of course, if a team fails to make beyond the regular NFL season, they are removed from Bodog’s odds board. Similarly, if a team is struggling for form or fitness, you are likely to see their odds increase in our NFL betting.

There’s a lot to consider, so our advice is to keep a close eye on the latest NFL views, news and tips over at


What Can I Bet On In Football?

As well as the more regular bets such as moneylines, spreads and totals, Bodog players are able to bet on props, futures and parlays. There is something for all football fans at our sportsbook.

Do You Lose Moneyline Bets On A Tie In The NFL?

In the regular season, if a game is tied, your moneyline bets are pushed – as there has been no winner or loser.

Should I Bet On The Moneyline Or The Spread?

This really is down to yourself. The moneyline can work in your favour if the odds are tight but you really fancy one team to win. If an overwhelming favourite has a kind (in your view) place on the spread, you might want to opt for that.

What Happens To Pushed NFL Bets In A Parlay?

If any leg of your parlay is pushed, your bet remains alive, just at decreased odds. Of course, if any of your legs lose, the entire parlay loses.

Should I Bet Straight Or Parlays?

Again, this is a preference. Parlays increase your odds, but in doing so decrease the probability of winning. Straight betting requires larger wagers to return big amounts, but have a higher chance of winning.

Should I Opt For Crypto For My NFL Betting?

As well as the more regular bets such as moneylines, spreads and totals, Bodog players are able to bet on props, futures and parlays. There is something for all football fans at our sportsbook.

What Can I Bet On In Football?

Yes you should. Crypto betting is the best way to place your NFL bets at Bodog Sportsbook. With secure deposits, quicker withdrawals and increased bonuses, it’s the way to go.

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