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2019-20 EPL Odds: Odds to Win the English Premier League

The English Premier League has entered a brave new world – one where the slightest touch of a ball can spell doom. This is the first year the EPL will use Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology to review certain plays – including every goal scored – and determine if the right call was made. In theory, VAR won’t have any effect on the EPL betting lines as a whole, but for any single game in progress, those reviews can make all the difference.

Just ask Manchester City. The defending champions thought they had the winning goal in last Saturday’s home opener against Tottenham Hotspur; instead, Gabriel Jesus’s effort two minutes into stoppage time was disallowed, after VAR showed an earlier handball by Aymeric Laporte. The handball rules were changed this year so that any touch with the arm – incidental or otherwise – can wipe out a goal. City had to settle for a 2-2 draw, which means for possibly the only time this season, the Sky Blues aren’t No. 1 on the EPL table.


EPL Odds Breakdown

They might not be in first place at press time, but Manchester City have the best odds to win the EPL title – and it’s not even close. Nobody can match City when it comes to finances; Sheikh Mansour has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into this team, using it to promote both Abu Dhabi (Mansour is part of the ruling royal family) and the nation’s airline, Etihad Airways (also run by the royal family). In total, City have spent US$203 million in transfer fees for 2019-20, over $30 million more than their next-closest competitors from Arsenal.

Thanks to this convenient arrangement, City have won back-to-back EPL titles, and they’re very likely to make it three this year – provided VAR doesn’t take it away from them. Here are the top five favourites on the EPL lines at press time:


1. Manchester City: –225 EPL Odds

Despite that draw at Etihad Stadium, the Sky Blues have moved up from –185 since the 2019-20 season broke ground. They were predictably aggressive ahead of the summer transfer window closing on August 7, adding right back Joao Cancelo from Juventus for a cool $73 million (with right back Danilo heading the other way for $41 million); that was after unloading $76 million to acquire midfielder Rodri from Atletico Madrid. Cancelo hopes to make his City debut this Sunday when they visit AFC Bournemouth (9 AM ET).


2. Liverpool: +275 EPL Odds

Liverpool are the one team with enough talent to give Manchester City a run for their money. The Reds almost did it last year, falling short by a single point. This year, they’re going to rely on improvement from within after spending just $1.6 million in transfer fees, all for 17-year-old defender Sepp van den Berg (PEC Zwolle). For now, Liverpool are on top of the table with two wins and a plus-4 goal differential.


3. Tottenham Hotspur: +1800 EPL Odds

Getting that single point at Etihad was admirable, but the Spurs were dominated in that matchup, and they’ll be happy just to get back into the Champions League after investing $120 million in transfer fees. Central midfielder Tanguy Ndombele (Lyon) got the lion’s share of the money at $66.7 million, and he’s already paid dividends, scoring for the Lilywhites in their 3-1 victory over Aston Villa to start the 2019-20 campaign.


4. Arsenal: +3300 EPL Odds

The Kroenke family have money, enough to fund several North American sports teams including the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, but they don’t have sheikh money – unless you include their main sponsor, the Dubai-based Emirates airline. Still, the Gunners were able to add right wing Nicolas Pepe from Lille for $87.2 million, and they’re second on the table to Liverpool with two victories and a plus-2 goal differential.


5. Manchester United: +3300 EPL Odds

Technically, United have the largest payroll in the Premiership this year, but they’re a financial mess under the debt-fueled ownership of the Glazer family, and their $144-million outlay in transfer fees might not even get them back into the Champions League. A reported $90 million of that went to bring defender Harry Maguire over from Leicester City; however, all eyes are on midfielder Paul Pogba, who wants out of Old Trafford – and after missing yet another penalty during Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Wolverhampton, Pogba may get his wish come January.

*Odds as of August 27th, 2019.




How to Bet on MLS Soccer 

If you’ve never bet on soccer before, you’re missing out. Millions of people across the globe are betting on the Beautiful Game, increasing its popularity and making Major League Soccer a viable commodity in the process. Betting is easy, especially if you already have some experience with the American brand of football. This quick guide will take you through the basics, showing you four different ways you can bet on MLS games at Bodog Sportsbook.



The point spread was invented for NFL betting, but it’s become so popular in North America that it’s used for all kinds of sports – including soccer. The idea behind the spread is to make the betting result as close to 50/50 as possible by requiring the favourite to win by at least a certain number of goals (as dictated by the spread) in order to pay out. Here’s how a generic example would look when you browse Bodog’s MLS odds:

  • FC Dallas -0.5 (-125)
  • Toronto FC +0.5 (EVEN)

FC Dallas are the home side in this hypothetical matchup; unlike the NFL or most American sports, the home team is listed at the top of the soccer odds instead of the bottom. In this case, Dallas are the favourites, as denoted by the negative sign next to their spread of 0.5 goals. For them to beat the spread, they need to beat Toronto by more than 0.5 goals, within regulation time. Otherwise, Toronto will cover as the underdogs with a win or even a draw.

In the parentheses, you’ll find the juice (aka vigorish) attached to each side of the spread, represented in American odds. This is used to determine the payouts. Should FC Dallas cover as the favourites, they will pay out $100 for every $125 wagered – other bet sizes are allowed. Toronto will pay out at even money if they cover; if their juice moves to +105, they will pay out $105 for every $100 wagered. Oddsmakers can and will move the juice as well as the spread itself in response to the betting action, all the way up until just before game time.



This is the more familiar way for European soccer fans to bet on their favourite sport. It’s also the original way to bet in North America. This “fixed-odds” method allows you to bet on one of the two sides winning, as well as the draw – again, it’s the score at the end of regulation time that counts. This is how our example match might look using the 3-way moneyline:

  • FC Dallas -125
  • Toronto FC +315
  • Draw +245

As with spread betting, the American odds tell you what your potential payouts would be. If Dallas win, they’ll pay out $100 for every $125 wagered. If Toronto win, they’ll pay out $315 for every $100, compared to $245 for the draw. 



Betting on the total has become very popular over the years – and it’s especially useful in sports that feature lower scoring, like baseball and hockey. With totals betting, you wager on whether the total number of goals scored will go over or under a number determined by the oddsmaker. Here’s an example:

  • FC Dallas O 2.5 (+115)
  • Toronto FC U 2.5 (-145)

It’s pretty easy to read the posted total: The OVER part of the line is on top (with the uppercase “O” included for clarity), and the UNDER half is on the bottom. If the two teams in this example combine to score OVER 2.5 goals, they’ll pay out $115 for every $100 wagered. If they go UNDER 2.5 goals, winning bettors will receive $100 for every $145 wagered. Note that totals (and spreads, for that matter) with whole numbers like 2.0 will sometimes be posted; if the final result lands exactly on that number, the bet is graded as a “push” and all monies are returned.


MLS Live Betting

Last, but not least, we have the most exciting form of soccer betting there is. With Live Betting, you can bet on the matches in progress; just look for the LIVE button on the top-left of your screen when you’re surfing the odds at Bodog Sportsbook. You can make the same bets we’ve just described, with the odds updated in real time as the match unfolds. You can also bet on things like who will score the next goal. Take advantage of all the different ways you can bet on soccer at Bodog – we’re here 24/7 to help you figure out your way around the pitch, whether it’s through our handy Sports FAQ and Help guides or our Customer Service team.

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