Payout calculation

Morning line (ML) odds are posted for each horse in all races. These odds are for informational purposes only and not used to calculate your payout. They are simply an indication of how the handicapper thinks the public will bet.

Reviewing them will give you a better understanding of the contenders. Your payout is based on the final odds, which may fluctuate dramatically leading up to the start of the race. This form of wagering is called "Parimutuel betting" and is applied at all major tracks in the United States.

In Parimutuel betting, you are wagering against other bettors at live odds that are determined by the amount of money bet on each horse in each category - Win/Place/Show, Exacta, etc. Since live odds fluctuate depending on the money coming in, we do not show them leading up to the race.

As soon as the race results are officially declared and the track has deducted a share from the pool to cover expenses and profit (a.k.a "the take"), the final odds are then calculated. Bettors with winning tickets are paid proportionally based on those odds.

Your payout amount will be shown in your transactions as soon as we receive confirmed results and payout information, normally 10 to 25 minutes after a race has been run.


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