What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a free program offered by Visa which provides an extra layer of protection on your credit card transactions. As part of the program, an additional password associated to your Visa credit card would be required to complete your online purchases.


Can I still deposit if my card is not enrolled?

Of course! During the deposit process, a prompt may appear from your bank asking you to register. If asked, we encourage you to enroll, but for the purposes of using your card to play on Bodog, it’s not necessary to do so.


How does the program work?

Once you’ve entered your credit card details, your deposit amount and clicked ‘DEPOSIT’, you’ll be directed to your bank's website where you’ll enter the Verified by Visa password associated with your card. If you’re not already enrolled in the program, you may be prompted to do so.


What if my bank does not support Verified by Visa?

Should you find that your bank does not support the Verified by Visa program, you are not be required to take this step in the deposit process and your transaction will complete as normal.


Why did I not get directed to my bank’s website?

If you weren’t prompted on the deposit page, either your bank does not support the Verified by Visa program or you need to update your web browser. While Bodog is supported on all major browsers, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for optimal performance.


I'm still having trouble depositing

Still having problems? Let us help you out. Chat with a dedicated Customer Service agent by clicking the speech bubble icon at the top of the page, or give us a call at 1-877-263-6422. We’re available 24/7 to help.



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