What is MasterCard SecureCode?

MasterCard SecureCode is a program run by MasterCard which adds an extra layer of security to online credit card transactions by requiring customers to enter an additional password associated with their MasterCard in order to complete an online purchase.

Why is this extra password required?

By adding an extra layer of security to online credit card transactions, consumers are provided additional protection by ensuring that the person initiating the transaction is also the owner of the credit card.

How does it work?

After entering your card details, deposit amount, and clicking the Deposit button you will be presented with a framed section within the deposit page. This section of the deposit page will direct you to your bank's website and prompt you to enter the MasterCard SecureCode password associated with your card. If you are not yet enrolled in the MasterCard SecureCode program, you may be prompted to enroll.

How do I know if my card has MasterCard SecureCode?

If you are unsure if you are enrolled in the MasterCard SecureCode program or wish to enroll, please contact your card issuing bank.

Can I still deposit if my card isn't enrolled?

Yes, you can! However, during the deposit process a prompt may appear from your bank asking you to enroll. If you are asked to enroll, we recommend you do.

Does it cost extra to use MasterCard SecureCode?

There are no additional charges for using either of these security features.

What if my bank does not support MasterCard SecureCode?

If your bank does not support MasterCard SecureCode, you will not be required to complete this portion of the deposit process and your transaction will complete as normal.

Why did I not get directed to my bank's website?

If you did not see anything in the framed section of the deposit page, it's possible you may need to update your browser. We recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer for maximum compatibility.

What if I'm still having problems?

If you are still having problems depositing, please contact us via email at service@bodog.eu.