Tennis Betting Rules

  1. All Wagers on head-to-head matches have action until the completion of the match, regardless of delays due to rain, darkness or any other reason.
  2. All Wagers will be graded "No Action" if either player retires before the match is completed, except in situations where the outcome of the wager has already been determined. For example, a wager on a specific set that completed before a player retired would not be affected.

  3. When a spread is offered on the main line, this market is the set betting handicap.

  4. When a total is offered on the main line, this market is for the total sets played.

  5. Tennis Futures (Majors): All wagers have action, compete or not.

  6. Tennis Outrights: Markets are offered on a non runner, no action basis.

  7. Total Games/Games Handicap: If a player is awarded the match due to a withdrawal prior to the full number of sets being completed, all handicap and total games bets on that match will be graded "No Action", unless the result is already determined at the time of the withdrawal.
  8. For wagers on total games, a tie-break or match tie-break counts as 1 game.