What are the sports betting basics I need to know?

You’ve narrowed it down to the game you want – now what? Here’s a walk-through of a typical college football line:


  1. The event date and time is indicated in the top left (in your preferred time zone).
  2. Left to right are the competitor’s names, point spread, moneyline (if available) and the combined total. The home team is always located on the bottom with the exception of soccer lines where the home team appears on top.
  3. If TV information is available it will be displayed below the game at the bottom left, along with the event name.
  4. If Live Betting is available for this game, the LIVE button will be displayed above the competitor’s names.
  5. Many events will also have player prop, team prop or segment bets available. To quickly view these, click the appropriate "+# BETS>" button.
  6. At times, you may see one or more colored triangles on the left hand corner of a line or lines. These triangles indicate that the line has a specific “quality", which may affect the line’s limits and restrict it from use in parlays or teasers. For Bodog, the line qualities typically used are:

Orange Triangle: This indicates a restricted line. Betting limits are reduced.
Green Triangle: This indicates an enhanced line. Betting limits are increased.

  1. All other line qualities are shown through icons found either next to a market name or, in the case of no same game parlays, at the bottom right of the card or list view.


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