Site Features FAQ

Where can I find my bet history and open bets?

You can access your bet history and open bets through your Dashboard. Your Dashboard can be found in the top-right-hand navigation bar and has your name on it.

You can also access your open bets by clicking the calendar icon in the bet slip, on the on the right-hand side.

For more information on how the bet slip works please visit:


Where can I find the match preview and team match-ups information?

The Match Preview can be found on the Bodog Main Page.


Why can’t I place an If Bet?

We currently are not offering If Bets, but may be adding this bet type in the future.


Why can’t I find less prevalent sports lines?

We are currently working on improving site navigation for less prevalent sports lines. For more information on how to navigate the new website, please visit:


I’m having difficulties navigating the mobile site.

We are currently working on improving site navigation for our mobile users.


Why does the practice mode no longer exist in the casino?

Practice play still exists when you’re not logged in to your player account. If you are already logged in, you can simply log out of the website and then select the game you’d like to try in practice mode. When you’re ready to play for real money, log back in to your player account.


The casino games are not legible on my screen, why is the screen view so small?  

We’ve received reports from players using different screen resolutions that they are occasionally having difficulties viewing game graphics. In our upcoming updates, our players will be able to expand the casino games and enlarge their game screens.


Why haven’t we seen any changes to poker?

For our first update, we wanted to focus primarily on updating our sports and casino features while ensuring that our website is fully responsive. We are currently working on adding additional features for poker and will let you know when the update is available.